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Since May 2005, Kingston has featured server memory products qualified on Intel brand server systems.

Kingston and Intel

Kingston works closely with Intel’s platform and data center groups to support new server memory technologies featured on Intel platforms. This typically begins a year or more before systems are released, where Kingston has access to Intel reference motherboards and processors to test memory prototypes. When memory prototypes mature to their final designs, they are submitted to Intel to undergo a rigorous testing process designed to validate compatibility. A passing test results in Kingston’s promotion to the list of Intel platform validated memory products.

After server modules have been platform validated, Kingston submits them to be qualified on Intel’s own brand of server systems and motherboards. Passing parts are posted to the list of compatible hardware of the specific system or motherboard on Intel’s website. Copies of the test certifications can also be found on Kingston’s website.

Diversity of Supply and Legacy Support

Diversity of Supply and Legacy Support Kingston sources the latest memory technology components from the world’s top semiconductor suppliers. A diverse supply base provides a consistent, steady source of server memory options for Kingston’s customers. As new DRAM technology is introduced, or revisions are made to existing technology, Kingston submits these for both Intel platform validation and system/motherboard qualification. This includes legacy Intel server systems, providing assurance to customers with older servers that the latest memory technology is compatible.

Kingston Quality

Since 1987, Kingston has had an unwavering practice of 100 percent production testing. All memory products are tested to confirm every cell on every chip on every module is free of defects. One bad memory cell amongst billions on a single module means it does not leave the factory. Additionally, all server-class memory must pass a dynamic burn-in process designed to simulate three months of heavy server use within a 24-hour period. This is a unique practice in the industry and today is an evolution of the process first patented by Kingston in 2004 to eliminate early-life failure of server memory components.

Service and Support

All Kingston server memory products feature a lifetime warranty with free technical support. Kingston also provides access to its global team of experts that specialize in server memory architecture for advice on configurations or in-depth consultation to determine the best memory solution for different applications.

Load Reduced DIMM
MT/s Capacity Type Part Number DRAM/ Register
2666 64GB 4Rx4 KSM26LQ4/64HAI Hynix A / IDT
KSM26LQ4/64HAM Hynix A / Montage
Registered DIMM
MT/s Capacity Type Part Number DRAM/ Register
2933 32GB 2Rx4 KSM29RD4/32HCI Hynix C / IDT
KSM29RD4/32MEI Micron E / IDT
16GB 1Rx4 KSM29RS4/16HCI Hynix C / IDT
KSM29RS4/16MEI Micron E / IDT
16GB 2Rx8 KSM29RD8/16HCI Hynix C / IDT
KSM29RD8/16MEI Micron E / IDT
8GB 1Rx8 KSM29RS8/8HCI Hynix C / IDT
KSM29RS8/8MEI Micron E / IDT
2400 32GB 2Rx4 KSM24RD4/32HAI Hynix A / IDT
KSM24RD4/32MEI Micron E / IDT
16GB 1Rx4 KSM24RS4/16HAI Hynix A / IDT
KSM24RS4/16MEI Micron E / IDT
KSM24RS4L/16MEI (VLP) Micron E / IDT
16GB 2Rx8 KSM24RD8/16HAI Micron E / IDT
KSM24RD8/16MEI Hynix A / IDT
8GB 1Rx8 KSM24RS8/8HAI Hynix A / IDT
KSM24RS8/8MEI Micron E / IDT
ECC Unbuffered DIMM
MT/s Capacity Type Part Number DRAM
2666 16GB 2Rx8 KSM26ED8/16ME Micron E
8GB 1Rx8 KSM26ES8/8ME Micron E
2400 16GB 2Rx8 KSM24ED8/16ME Micron E
8GB 1Rx8 KSM24ES8/8ME Micron E

Visit https://www.kingston.com/us/memory/server/
for product information and support for your system(s). For more information, contact your Kingston Technology sales representative or an authorized distributor in your area.