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The Kingston Cloud headset is very, very good

"The HyperX is now my top recommendation for both budget gamers and mid-range Skype use. I just can't get past the comfort, noise muffling and clarity."

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PC Buyer's Guide


Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

"Sound reproduction is very accurate on the games you can play, and it’s a welcomed gear when it comes to FPS games. Another thing, you can also use for multimedia purposes like watching movies or list..."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud headset review – premium pro gaming headset

"It is a premium headset and gives very good audio output. You will easily feel the difference once you use it."

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Will Work 4 Games


HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review

"The HyperX Cloud is probably one of the most comfortable headsets we've used."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

"from the solid build and pleasing aesthetics through to the impressive audio quality and the great extra of loads of compatibility the Cloud really shines at this price point"

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HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review

"HyperX Cloud surprisingly didn't give us any ear or top of the head soreness, no sweating or anything whatsoever that makes it uncomfortable to wear during the 5 hours of testing."

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GGF Events


HyperX Cloud Headset Unboxing and Overview

"The must have brand new headset from Kingston HyperX. Packed with heaps of features, accessories and a price that cannot be beaten."

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Review HyperX Cloud: Gebrakan Menuju Pasar Peripheral Gaming!

"Despite the cosmetic design is minimal and not over-exposing the identity of gaming, HyperX Cloud proved itself as a gaming peripheral that deserves to be praised. Our conclusion, Cloud HyperX product..."

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"It is incredibly well built, has a capable 53mm drivers that will drive your ear nuts with good amount of bass while taking game changing factors into account."

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Gear Review: HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

"The subwoofer effects of this headset are easily amongst the most powerful I have heard so far."

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Economic Times


ET recommendations: Gaming headset, app and game 

"Vocals were loud, clear and the bass output was punchy. We played various genres of games — from racing to first person shooter — using HyperX and it delivered crisp audio with superb surround every t..."

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Will Work 4 Games


Unboxing & Overview – HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

"For our first ever unboxing and overview video, we take a look at the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headse."

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Funky Kit


Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset Review

"Kingston is constantly improving their gaming gear and these are not only empty words as we are constantly seeing better products in our reviews."

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PC Power Play


HeadPhones: Kingston HyperX Cloud

"Kingston has delivered a no-nonsense set of headphones in the Cloud, where audio quality comes first and foremost."

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Think Digit


HyperX Cloud Review

"The HyperX Cloud is slap bang in the middle of this assorted mess and stands out as the best all rounder."

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Kingston HyperX CLOUD White Edition Headsetre leases in India

"The headset is versatile with its detachable microphone for listening to music on smartphones and tablets easy."

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Hooked Gamers


HyperX Cloud White Pro Gaming Headset

"The build quality is fantastic, the unit is very comfortable, and the set sounds great"

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

"Where the headset wins major points is comfort. I wore this headset for entire afternoons with no discomfort, a feat I suspect is due to its luxurious design."

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HyperX Cloud Headset by Kingston | Unboxing

"nice soft leather padding, nice band, and top stitches is really nice as well."

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REVIEW: Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset (Hardware)

"The Hyper X Cloud headset cradles your head in a soft padded headband, memory foam or leather padded ear cups so even the longest of gaming sessions will be comfortable."

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REVIEW: Hyper X Cloud Gaming Headset (Hardware)

"With its versatile performance, and a rather competitive price tag, the HyperX Cloud headset is not just a good gaming headset but also an all-round proposition."

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Review Kingston HyperX Cloud

"Estando numa categoria de preço abaixo dos 100€ podemos facilmente recomendar estes auscultadores e dizer que são dos melhores nesta categoria."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Headset Review: Sturdy Build, Versatile Performance

"The sounds of guns firing and vehicles zipping past us on the freeway as the radio plays in the background in GTA V were accurately captured by the headset."

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Kingston Hyper X Cloud Review

"The HyperX Cloud headphones are not only built well, they come with almost everything you need for a headset. The aluminum and leather are super comfortable"

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HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

"HyperX is off to a very strong start with the Cloud. It’s a superb product, and for its price, is a remarkably comprehensive package."

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tested Kingston Hyper -X Cloud

"Mid tones are represented nicely while there is enough bass that you can feel that you are in a game rather than spectating in it."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Review

"We believe that the Kingston HyperX Cloud headset is definitely a very good value for money. Not only the musical presentation and the sound stage are good, but also the build quality is perfect."

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Review: HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming headset Review

"Τα ακουστικά HyperX Cloud κατάφεραν να εντυπωσιάσουν με την απλότητα, τις ικανοποιητικές τους επιδόσεις και πάνω απ'όλα την άνεση που προσφέρουν κατά τη χρήση τους."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset

"Τα ακουστικά HyperX Cloud καταφέρνουν να προσφέρουν εξαιρετικό ήχο κάτω από οποιεσδήποτε συνθήκες χρήσης, εξαιρετική ποιότητα κατασκευής ενώ χάρη στα παρελκόμενα τους είναι ένα πλήρες και ολοκληρωμένο..."

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Test: Kingston HyperX Cloud

"Kvalitet zvuka je fenomenalan i to u svim kategorijama, čak i u scenariju slušanja muzike koji predstavlja standardnu boljku ove kategorije. Tu je puno opreme, kvalitet izrade iznad mnogih skupljih pr..."

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"+ Tolkuton määrä tarvikkeita + Kohtuullinen hinnoittelu + Mukavat päässä + Vaihto pehmusteet + Hyvä saatavuus"

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PC & Tech


Labs Brief: HyperX Cloud

"We like the removable mic boom, and its small rubber cover that plugs up the hole the mic connects to when not in use."

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"With its large 53mm drivers and Hi-Fi capability, the Cloud makes for a solid audio listening and gamming headset, all of which comes in one sexy package."

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The PC Enthusiast


Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review – Best Gaming Headset?

"I couldn't find a thing about this headset that I would not like. Kingston has been producing high quality and reliable memory and storage drives for many years. And this legacy continues with their g..."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud headset review: een echte game-changer

"De Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset zet duidelijk een nieuwe benchmark in zijn prijsklasse. Hij kan zich zelfs meten aan headsets in een veel hogere prijsklasse, zoals de Sennheiser PC 360 Gam..."

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GGF News


GGF News and Tech Show #1 - With special guest Dan

"The video introduced newly-launched HyperX Cloud, Fury SSD, M.2 SSD, and praise their great performance."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Review

"The HyperX Cloud gaming headset is arguably, the most revolutionary step in gaming audio since the Steelseries Siberia, witness a new standard in quality, comfort and audio performance that won't brea..."

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Kingston HyperX CLOUD Pro Gaming Headset Review

"The build quality of the Cloud is very good but it's also very compact and comfortable even after many hours something which should go a long way with gamers. Audio quality was a very good surprise as..."

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Listening In The Clouds

"Fans of music will appreciate the little details in sound quality,and gamers will definitely love the kind of immersive experience the HyperX Cloud provides."

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Test: Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

"Kingston har virkeligt fået lavet et headset med god lyd, det er ikke tit man møder et headset hvor man stort set ikke kan sætte noget på lyden, holdbarheden og brugbarheden. Dette headset har det hel..."

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HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset review

"Pe partea de gaming, (calitate audio, izolare fonica, microfon), am fost extrem de multumit. De asemenea, muzica se aude divin, designul este placut si greutatea castilor nu depaseste 350 de grame, mi..."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud - Testvinnare i förklädnad

""Kingston gör egentligen allt rätt när man introducerar HyperX Cloud som är en smått förbättrad variant av Qpad QH-90. Den första goda nyheten är att det inte är mycket som skiljer mellan de två, men ..."

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Anmeldelse: Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset

"Veludstyret og funktionsdygtigt er hvad man kan kalde HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headsettet, der sætter omkostningerne lidt på sidelinien og leverer nærmest alt det som gameren har brug for af kabler og ..."

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Kingston Makes An Excellent Gaming Headset, Sort Of

"The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is durable, comfortable, and delivers amazing sound for under $US100. The mic might be a little loud, but when the audio is this good you’ve just got to hum along."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud

"For a US$ 100 headset, the HyperX Cloud is a great piece of gaming peripheral. It produces great sound and is extremely comfortable."

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PC Gameware


HyperX Cloud Headset Review

"So what HyperX have here, in terms of audio performance, is one of the best sounding headsets on the market today."

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TEST: Kingston HyperX CLOUD - excelentně pohodlný a hrající headset za překvapivě dobrou cenu

"Kingston HyperX CLOUD nás velmi příjemně překvapila. I ty nejnáročnější z nás překvapilo excelentní zpracování a pohodlnost, kdy nebudeme přehánět když řekneme, že zcela určitě patří mezi to nejlepší,..."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset Review

"After a solid 5-6 hours of gaming, the HyperX Cloud didn’t give any neck strain nor fatigue. The ear pads were also quite cool and didn’t induce profuse sweating and discomfort on my cheeks even on a ..."

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Test: Herní sluchátka Kingston HyperX Cloud za dva a půl tisíce korun zaujmou i audiofily

"HyperX Cloud jsou výborná sluchátka s mikrofonem, která stojí polovinu toho, co by se dalo podle zvukové kvality odhadovat. Na své straně mají také vynikající pohodlí i při dlouhém poslechu. Jsou univ..."

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Kingston HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset - anmeldelse

"Alt i alt er jeg utrolig godt fornøyd med HyperX Cloud. Lyden er skjønn, headsetet er utrolig behagelig å bruke og du merker knapt at du har det på hodet. I tillegg så er mic-en helt perfekt slik at a..."

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Kit Guru


Kingston HyperX Cloud gaming headset review

"The Kingston HyperX Cloud is a great looking headset and more importantly one of the best I have heard in a very long time. They are capable of resolving an extraordinary range of frequencies, separat..."

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Best Of 2013 - Results And Awards

"Backed and endorsed by those in the top flight of esports, the SteelSeries Siberia v2 - Kingston HyperX edition is a great opportunity for gamers to experience the pinnacle of gaming audio. Quality th..."

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SteelSeries Siberia v2 - Kingston HyperX Edition Review

"Backed and endorsed by those in the top flight of esports, the SteelSeries Siberia v2 - Kingston HyperX edition is a great opportunity for gamers to experience the pinnacle of gaming audio. Quality th..."

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Funky Kit


SteelSeries Siberia V2 HyperX Edition Gaming Headset Review

"HyperX Siberia V2 is a great headset. No matter if you wish to use it for gaming or listening to music you won't be disappointed. I can recommend it to everyone who needs headset for daily entertainme..."

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Kingston HyperX Gaming Headset Review

"HyperX headset is worthy of our Gamers Choice award as it is still one of the best price vs performance headsets on the market."

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Review: SteelSeries Siberia v2 Kingston HyperX limited edition

"Wat mij betreft is deze samenwerking tussen Kingston en SteelSeries goed verlopen. De ‘Steelseries Siberia V2 Kingston HyperX limited edition Gaming Headset’ heeft een vet uiterlijk met ontzettend goe..."

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Skratchwiz PC


SteelSeries Siberia v2 – Kingston HyperX Edition Gaming Headset Review

"As well as having a good clarity of sound the HyperX Edition Siberia v2 looks the part, beating any other headsets hands down in the looks department, and it’s comfortable too!"

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