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HyperX SteelSeries Headphones
HyperX SteelSeries Headphones

HyperX Fan is designed with the gamer, creative professional and PC enthusiast in mind. Dual 60mm fans optimise airflow around the modules to keep your memory running at peak performance over the long term. The fan is made of anodised aluminium in the same familiar blue tint as the HyperX heat spreaders. When turned on, the fan blades are illuminated by eight small blue LEDs. HyperX Fan is available as a standalone product or bundled with Kingston’s 6GB 2000- and 1800MHz triple channel memory kits with the T1 heat spreaders for Intel Core i7 systems.


  • Whisper-quiet — 28dBAm maximum
  • 12V rated. 8V - 13.5V operational range
  • RPM: 3000 +/- 10%
  • Dual 60mm fans for optimum airflow
  • Fan blades illuminated by eight small blue LEDs when turned on

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* Kits: warranty void and returns not accepted if sold or used separately.

HyperX FAN

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FAN - 0 Module - HyperX (N/A) (N/A) Cooling Fan

Part Number: KHX-FAN

Specs: HyperX, (N/A), (N/A), (N/A), (N/A), Spec Sheet PDF

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FAN - 0 Module - HyperX (N/A) (N/A) Cooling Fan

Part Number: KHX-FAN-B

Specs: HyperX, (N/A), (N/A), (N/A), Unbuffered, Spec Sheet PDF


Awards and Reviews

  • "The Kingston HyperX Fan is the real deal and something that any gamer or enthusiast should really consider getting if they don't already have active cooling on their memory modules."

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