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ValueRAM Memory

Memory Specifically Designed and Tested to Meet Industry Standards

Kingston® ValueRAM® is purchased by customers who know the exact technical specifications of the memory they need. ValueRAM memory is fully compliant with JEDEC Specifications, 100 per cent tested and backed by a lifetime warranty.

DRAM Advantage

All incoming DRAM chips are scrutinised to ensure that only premium, qualified and tested DRAM is accepted into the manufacturing process. When you buy ValueRAM, you benefit from the relationships Kingston has developed over the years with multiple DRAM chip manufacturers. As a leading DRAM buyer, Kingston receives excellent supplier support, which results in outstanding availability for customers and gives Kingston the unique distinction of offering a wide variety of memory.



All Kingston ValueRAM memory is backed by a lifetime warranty. Read the full warranty statement


Kingston performs 100-percent testing on all memory products. Additionally, ValueRAM server memory undergoes Dynamic Burn-in Testing, which dramatically reduces early life failures. More

JEDEC Compliance

JEDEC sets the standards for semiconductor engineering and is the semiconductor standardisation body of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). Approximately 300 companies representing every segment of the industry actively participate to develop standards to meet the industry needs. As a long-time member of the JEDEC Board of Directors, Kingston Technology helps set the industry standards for memory technology. All Kingston memory is fully JEDEC compliant, an important specification used by leading semiconductor manufacturers.



Kingston DRAM Manufacturing Tour

Take a virtual tour of Kingston's manufacturing floor to see how DRAM memory modules are made.

Technical Support

Kingston offers free technical support and the resources you need to answer any questions and solve issues quickly and effortlessly. More

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