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Product Verification

Product Verification

Identifying a Genuine Kingston Product

Kingston® has become synonymous with quality memory products worldwide. However,like other global companies that manufacture quality products, Kingston’s brand recognition has not made it immune to counterfeiting. Kingston has found a number of fraudulent items being falsely represented as Kingston products in the worldwide market.

To protect our customers and Kingston’s image as a quality brand, we have produced this guide to allow you to instantly verify whether the product you have purchased or are planning to buy is a genuine Kingston product.

Product labels for the SSDNow solid-state drives are designed with both colour-shift and Phantom technologies. For these drives, the Phantom technology area changes colour from light red to dark red when held at different angles.

The following products do not feature Phantom or colour-shift technology: microSD, microSDHC (4GB-32GB), DataTraveler MiniFun G2, DataTraveler 410, DataTraveler Locker+, DataTraveler Vault Privacy and Vault Privacy–Managed, DataTraveler 4000 and 4000–Managed, DataTraveler 5000, DataTraveler 6000, Media Reader, Media Reader USB 3.0, MobileLite G2 Reader and USB microSD/SDHC Reader.

Phantom Technology

For verification, a product label design may use Phantom technology. When the label is tilted away from viewer, the effect area will reveal the letter “K” or the Kingston Head.

Products with Phantom Technology

  • Memory Modules
  • Standard CF
  • CF Elite Pro
  • CF Ultimate
  • SD Cards
  • SDHC
  • SDHC Video
  • DT G3
  • HyperX SSD
  • Wi-Drive
  • SSDNow V200
  • SSDNow V+200
  • SSDNow V+180
  • SSDNow KC100
  • SSDNow S Series

Colour-Shift Technology

For verification, a product may use colour-shift technology, in which the colours on the product label or imprint will change from olive green to rose when held at different angles.

Products with Colour-Shift Technology

  • microSDHC
  • DT Micro
  • DT100 G2
  • DT101G2
  • DT102
  • DT108
  • DT109
  • DT160
  • DT200
  • DT310
  • DTR-400
  • DTR-500
  • DTU30 G2
  • DT HyperX 3.0
  • SSDNow V200
  • SSDNow V+200
  • SSDNow V+180
  • SSDNow KC100
  • SSDNow S Series