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DataTraveler Locker+ G3 — DTLPG3

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How to use a USB Drive with Ubuntu Linux
Using a USB Drive on a Mac
Using a USB Drive on a Windows PC
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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I forget my password or the drive no longer accepts my password, can the data on the drive be recovered?

My DataTraveler is not being detected in Windows. Why?

My DataTraveler will not accept a 4GB or larger file. Why?

My DataTraveler is 64GB or larger. I formatted it using NTFS and I want to format it back to FAT32. How do I do this?

When I insert this DataTraveler into my Windows computer, I receive an error stating "(DataTraveler) requires two free drive letters" or "(DataTraveler) could not start". Why?

I clicked “Decline” on the installation request for the USB to Cloud feature but it comes back after I format or delete files. How do I prevent it from coming back?

If my cloud service is not listed, can I add my cloud service to the USB to Cloud app?

When I insert my drive and the security software is launched, I do not get a password prompt. The drive does work under administrator. How do I resolve this?

Can this secure USB flash drive be formatted to work as a standard USB drive or the security be disabled to remove the password requirement?

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I purchased a Kingston flash product online for well below market value and the product does not work correctly. I believe the product is counterfeit. What should I do?

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