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How to Install Memory in a silver tower Mac Pro
How to Install Memory in a MacBook Pro or MacBook
How to Install Memory in Your Desktop PC
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Why can't I get my HyperX module to run at the advertised speed?

I've installed HyperX memory in my system but when I run a diagnostic program it tells me that the timings are slower than advertised. Why?

I've installed Kingston HyperX in my system and I am setting the timings in the BIOS. I see entries like "CAS Latency" and "RAS to CAS Delay", but I don't see "Command Rate". Where can I set this timing?

I have set the timings that you list, but there are many other timings shown in the BIOS. What should I set these to?

What do the memory timings listed for the HyperX memory (i.e. 10-11-12) mean?

I installed HyperX memory and my system fails to boot or it locks up intermittently.

I've installed the Kingston HyperX and it does not run at the rated speed. Why?

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How do I find out how much memory is installed in my system?

When I installed memory in my notebook, the system did not boot or did not recognise the memory. How do I resolve this?

When I installed memory into my desktop computer, the system did not boot or did not recognise the memory. How do I resolve this?

Will additional memory speed up my computer?

How do I install memory into my computer?

What is the difference between the part numbers that are in dual or triple channel kits and the parts that are sold individually?

Will a faster memory of the same type run at a slower speed, i.e., 400Mhz DDR in a 333Mhz DDR system?

My BIOS or a diagnostic program such as CPU-Z shows the memory is running at half the frequency. Why?

What is ESD?