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DataTraveler Vault — Privacy Managed — DTVPM

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I am getting the following warning message "Kingston DataTraveler requires an active SafeConsole server to make it operational" and cannot use my DTVP-M or DT4000-M drive. How do I resolve this?

What is causing the SafeConsole error stating "The certificate 'certificatename' presented by 'certificateissuer' is not trusted on this machine The reason is 'self signed certificate'. Please contact your administrator."?

Why do I get an error stating "Failed to connect to SafeConsole with HTTP error 500" when I try to re-install SafeConsole?

I am receiving a certificate error after importing the certificate from SafeConsole’s Deployment page. How do I resolve this?

Can administrators manually install the license (.lic) file on SafeConsole?

Where does the Deployment page pull its information (registry key, certificate, etc.) from?

My DTVP-M or DT4000-M won’t load. Is there a way to determine what is causing it to hang?

I’m trying to initialize my device (DTVP-M / DT4000-M) and got the message box that states "Are you 'workstation_name/current_user' and responsible for this Kingston Data Traveler?". What does it mean?

Windows states that my DTVP-M or DT4000-M is write protected whenever I try to write to the drive or delete from it. What is causing this?

What is SafeConsole for Kingston?

During the SafeConsole configuration I recive an error that states "This request requires HTTP authorization". How can I resolve this problem?