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The Wi-Drive is not compatible with IOS 8. This feature will no longer work if you update your IOS device to this version. Since this product is now discontinued, there will be no updates to the app or the device.

FAQ: KWD-102214-GEN-14

Kingston believes that DRM (digital rights management, a content copy protection scheme) protects the people that create and share their talents, and we fully support protecting artists’ works. Through the supported Wi-Drive Application, Wi-Drive will be able to play any non-DRM content, including videos, documents and most music.

If you do have DRM content purchased through iTunes, you will not be able to play that file through the Wi-Drive app. However, as long as your content is linked to your Apple Device, you can access the file via your Safari Browser. Simply open Safari, enter the IP address of Wi-Drive into the URL box, which is and press Enter. Not all of the functions and features that are found in the application will work within the Browser and sharing may be limited to devices that are synched with iTunes.

FAQ: KWD-072611-GEN-02

No. The default static IP address ( is non-configurable.

FAQ: KWD-072611-GEN-03

The software included in this product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2 ( The GPL allows you to freely copy, modify and redistribute that software and no other statement or documentation, including any End User License Agreement, places any additional restrictions on what you may do with that software. You may obtain the complete Corresponding Source code from us for a period of three years after our last shipment of this product by contacting:

Kingston Digital Inc.
17600 Newhope Street
Attn: Technical Support
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Tel.: +1 (714) 435 2639

You may also find a copy of the source at:

FAQ: KWD-072611-GEN-04

Wi-Drive is its own wireless network. Joining this network will automatically replace your existing Internet connection, be it your iPad, iPhone, or home/office WiFi network. Wi-Drive does offer a bridged network connection which allows you to access the Internet while continuing to stream Wi-Drive content. This feature basically allows you to “bridge” together two networks.

How do you implement this feature? After connecting to Wi-Drive, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wi-Drive App.
  2. Select the Home icon(upper left.)
  3. Tap the Device Name link, i.e. Wi-Drive (
  4. Tap the Wi-Drive settings link(gear symbol, lower left.)
  5. Select Network Connections.
  6. Choose the network you wish to join. Keep in mind that you are already connected to Wi-Drive, so choose the second network that will provide you with Internet Access.

If you have security enabled on your Internet Connection, you will be prompted for a password before Wi-Drive reboots. If there is no security set on your Internet Connection, Wi-Drive will automatically reboot after you select the network name.

Important: If you have security enabled on your Wi-Fi Internet router, please verify that your security is not running in a mixed mode environment. Wi-Drive’s bridge function supports a single security protocol only: WEP, WPA, or WPA2. These may also appear as WPA ONLY, WPA2 ONLY, etc. Wi-Drive does NOT support mixed mode.*

*Mixed mode may be listed differently from one manufacturer to the next and appear as, but not limited to, one of the following: MIXED MODE, WPA & WPA2 (the key here being “&”), AUTO, etc.

FAQ: KWD-072611-GEN-01

This may need to change the default Wi-Fi channel. The Wi-Drive defaults to channel 11. If there are already too many connections near you using this channel, it could cause the Wi-Drive not to connect.

The resolve this, go to the settings menu and select Wi-Drive settings. Then tap Channel and select a different channel number. Once this is done, you may be disconnected from the Wi-Drive and have to reconnect to it in your wireless connections under your phone or tablet settings. If you are having trouble connecting to the Wi-Drive, go to a location where no Wi-Fi networks are being detected by your phone or tablet.

FAQ: KWD-111411-GEN-05
There is a reset button next to the power button on the Wi-Drive. It can only be accessed by using a pin or paper clip. With the Wi-Drive on, press and hold this button for about 5 seconds. This will not delete any data on the drive but it will remove any changes to the network I.D., password, etc.

FAQ: KWD-041812-GEN-08

First make sure there is another Wi Fi connection available besides the Wi-Drive and you are connected to it. Then try the following:

1. Reveal all running apps and close the Wi-Drive app.

On iPad or iPhone, Double tap the Home button on the iPad. Hold down on the Wi-Drive App until it has a minus ( - ) in the upper left corner. Pressing and releasing on the minus will close the App.

On Kindle, go to Settings (little gear at the top right) --> More --> Applications Filter to show Running Application
Click the ones you want to close and choose Force Stop

For other Android devices, refer to your user guide.

2. Reboot the Wi Drive and the device and then go into network settings and make sure the Wi-Drive network is selected and connecting.

3. Press your Home button on your device and open up the Wi Drive app and see if detected. You may have to press on the home icon home.icon

4. If you're still faced with the problem, the next thing to try is to go into the Wi-Fi Settings of the device and “forget” the Wi-Drive network. Refer to your user guide of your device for this.

5. Go back to the device’s Wi-Fi Settings and try re-joining to the Wi-Drive network again.

6. Then try step 3 again.

If you are still having problems, please replace the drive or contact technical support.

You can copy files from the Android device to the Wi-Drive. Tap "Local Storage" on the home screen in the Wi-Drive app. Tap and hold the file you want to copy and choose "Copy To" from the menu. Then choose the Wi-Drive as the destination.

You can copy individual files or an entire folder. But you cannot select a group of individual files to copy at one time. Also, you cannot copy files from a SD card in your Android device.

FAQ: KWD-012314-GEN-09

The Wi-Drive has two Mac addresses: One for LAN and one for WAN for bridging. The MAC address listed on the back of the device is the LAN MAC address and will not be the same as the WAN MAC address.The WAN MAC address is HEX digit (0-9 and A-F) higher than what is on the back of the device.

FAQ: KWD-070513-GEN-11

The Wi-Drive will not work with any file system other than FAT32.You will need to format the Wi-Drive back to FAT32 (MS-DOS File System in Mac) then copy your files back over to the Wi-Drive.

Some Windows versions do not allow you to reformat back to FAT32 on larger capacity drives. You will need to reformat your drive using the CMD prompt. Warning: This will erase all data on the drive.

Plug in your drive and wait until it's fully detected. Then click on Start. Windows 8 press the Windows key + X and click on Run.

In Search programs and files type cmd and press enter. Windows 8 click on Run and type in cmd and OK.

In the command prompt window type diskpart then press enter.

After DISKPART> type list disk then press enter

Determine which disk is the USB drive under Disk ###

Type select disk 5 for example if this is the Wi-Drive storage area.

Type clean (A window should pop up saying “Diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk)

Type create partition primary and then enter (you will see a message that Diskpart succeeded in creating the specific partition)

Type format fs=fat32 quick and then enter (when complete you will see a message Diskpart successfully formatted the volume). This may take a couple of minutes.

Type exit cmd and then enter (the cmd box will close)

Go into Computer and check the Properties of the drive, you should now be able to see the full amount once again.

FAQ: KWD-082913-GEN-06

No. You can only connect to networks that have a broadcast ID. There is no solution or work around for this at this time.

FAQ: KWD-082913-GEN-12

The Wi-Drive app allows users to import pictures/videos from Camera Roll of their idevice to the in a few simple steps.

Step 1:Under the Files button, select the destination of the photo(s), video(s) to be imported.

Step 2:Tap on the Edit button on the top right corner to enable the action menu button, and then select ‘Import from Camera Roll’.

Step 3:Select Camera Roll and tap on the photo/video or alternatively select Edit to choose multiple photos/videos to import

FAQ: KWD-012314-GEN-13
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