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MobileLite Wireless -- How-To: Copy/Paste Files
MobileLite Wireless -- How-To: Upload to Social Media
MobileLite Wireless -- How-To: Import from Camera Roll
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the MobileLite Wireless device be used as a standard USB card reader?

Does the MobileLite Wireless device support USB 3.0 devices?

What formats or file systems will the Mobilelite Wireless device detect?

Can I change the default IP address of MobileLite Wireless?

After joining the MobileLite Wireless network, I no longer have Internet Access on my device. What could be the problem?

The MobileLite Wireless is detected but I cannot view any of the contents, the connection with the MobileLite Wireless is frequently lost, or the device sometimes fails to connect. What could be the problem?

How do I reset the MobileLite Wireless back to factory default settings?

When I try to run the MobileLite Wireless app, I get an error stating "Searching for MobileLite Wireless . . .". The MobileLite Wireless is connected properly. How do I resolve this?

Why are my USB and SD cards numbered if I only have one of each connected to the device?

I only see the option to protect the MobileLite Wireless with WPA2 encryption but my home network is setup with WEP encryption, will this cause a conflict when I try to bridged the networks?

I use MAC address filtering on my router. When I try setting up the bridge connection and I include the MAC address on the back of the Mobilelite reader, the bridge connection does not work. Is there a way to resolve this?

What is the maximum storage capacity that the MobileLite Wireless reader will accept?

Can I transfer files between a USB drive and a SD card in the MobileLite Wireless device without having to first copy them to the tablet or phone?