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Installing a SSD in a Desktop PC
Installing a SSD in a Notebook PC
SSD Data Migration -- Desktop and Notebook
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Does SSDNow require special drivers?

Should I defragment the SSDNow drive to maintain optimal performance?

What is TRIM and Garbage Collection? How are they related? Will TRIM work in XP, Vista or Linux?

How do I verify the TRIM Command is enabled in Windows 7?

Will the SSD experience a performance decrease? If so, is there a way to reset the drive to a factory default?

Is there a firmware update available for my V200 drive? What is the reason for it?

I purchased an upgrade kit. Where can I find support for this kit?

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Can I use two or more SSD drives in a RAID?

What is S.M.A.R.T. and do the SSDNow drives support it?

Why didn't my primary HDD transfer rate score in the Windows Experience Index (WEI) go up after installing the new SSDNow drive?

Are these devices intended for use with desktops or notebooks?

Is my data safe when I send my SSD back to Kingston for warranty replacement/repair?

Can I clone a password protected hard drive with the cloning software provided in the SSDNow Bundle Kit?

What is ESD?

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