Management Solutions for Encrypted USB Flash Drives

Easily manage encrypted USB drives for an added layer of data security


In order to provide management solutions for its Encrypted USB drives, Kingston Digital has partnered with DataLocker. Via SafeConsole and Enterprise Management System (EMS), DataLocker provides software solutions for Kingston’s DataTraveler® and IronKeyTM Encrypted USB drives that allow users to centrally manage them.

DTVP30 and DT4000 G2

Kingston’s DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 and DataTraveler 4000 G2 are available in Managed (optionally managed) models that support SafeConsole central management by DataLocker to enable a complete set of management tools when used with the cloud-based or on-prem solution. IT administrators can centrally manage secure USB drives to meet compliance requirements and provide a higher level of support. Activation is a simple process and allows IT professionals to reset passwords remotely, configure password and device policies, activate audit for compliance and more. These powerful tools simplify drive integration, operation and management, even in remote locations.

IronKey Drives

IronKey’s D300 is available in a Managed (forced managed) model and S1000 (forced managed) and W700 (optional managed) as Enterprise versions. Both support IronKey EMS by DataLocker and simplify compliance with security regulations by giving system administrators control over drives deployed across the enterprise. EMS is available as cloud-based or on-premises solution and allows you to establish and secure a centralized workspace or storage command center where you can deploy and manage devices easily.

Flexible role-based administration allows you to efficiently and cost-effectively protect data by administering usage and encryption policies, password restrictions and more from a central console.

Drives in the field can be monitored with a powerful, flexible asset tracking system which ensures devices stay current with the latest software through a Force Update feature available in select IronKey devices.

It also enables users to reset their own passwords without contacting their administrator or Help Desk personnel with the on-premises solution.

Kingston Technology and DataLocker Encrypted USB Management Solutions

Kingston Technology and DataLocker provide management solutions for DataTraveler (Managed) and IronKey Encrypted (Enterprise and Managed) USB drives. SafeConsole and IronKey EMS by DataLocker allow to centrally manage the mentioned Encrypted USB drives.

The below table provides an overview of the features of both SafeConsole and EMS.

SafeConsole IronKey EMS
Works with Kingston DTVP 3.0 Managed (optional managed)
Kingston DT4000G2 Managed (optional managed)

IronKey D300 Managed version (forced managed)
IronKey S1000 Enterprise (forced managed)
IronKey W700 (optional managed)

Ideal for • Easy installation requirements
• Active Directory integration requirements
• Cloud hosting in U.S., Europe and Asia, single tenant
• Cost-efficiency
• Move keys from managed to unmanaged environment
• High availability server setups
• Multiple failover servers
• Intelligence and classified government organizations in NATO countries
• Cloud hosting in U.S. only, multi tenant
• Integrated antivirus needed
• Companies that require advanced security and top of the line product
Top 5 features • Handle more device states – disable, factory reset, lost
• Password policy
• Password reset, also with self-service by using ZoneBuilder
• Geo-fencing to limit usage to territories for compliance
• Publisher can send files securely directly onto the devices

• Permanently destroy device with Silver Bullet
• Password policy
• Password resets
• Integrate with SIEM, syslog-ng.
• Group users without Active Directory

For evaluation units, please contact your Kingston sales representative or DataLocker at

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