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Security Assurance Program

In today's market, Kingston® understands that many secure USB customers face rigorous challenges during their qualification process. Testing of secure USBs can cost an organization the time it takes to qualify products and the amount of money it may take to finish their internal testing.

Kingston Technology has partnered with independent security companies such as SYSS that specialize in enterprise-grade penetration (pen) testing of secure USB products. They have special training in live hacking and IT forensics and test every secure encrypted drive that Kingston offers to verify and certify that the security parameters are in fact what we claim.

Benefits of the Program

  • Tried & true third-party testing with an emphasis on trying to break the encryption algorithm
  • Reduced need for consumer spending on a secure USB qualification process
  • Elimination of any legitimate barriers to entry

Kingston stands by the quality and reliability of our secure USB products. This program is intended to solidify this claim with our customers. The Certification results are available through a signed NDA. To request a copy, please send an email to