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Supermicro - A+ Server AS1020A-T (AS-1020A-T)

configurator results memory

  • Standard

    0 MB (Removable)

  • Maximal

    12 GB using DDR333/400 with 2 CPU's

    16 GB using DDR266 with 2 CPU's

  • CPU 0

  • CPU 1

  • Busarchitektur


    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A


    SSD - SATA 3.5-inch

  • 4 Socket(s) per CPU

    8 Socket(s) total

  • AMD Opteron AMD 8000 Series

AS-1020A-T; AS-1020A-TB

Wichtige Konfigurationshinweise

  • Only AMD Opterons 246 and higher support DDR400 memory. Using DDR333 or DDR400, this motherboard supports only six ranks of memory per CPU. Single CPU configurations only support four memory modules. Dual CPU configurations support eight memory modules.
  • MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN PAIRS. Kingston offers "K2" kit part numbers for Dual Channel mode.
  • Mixing x4 and x8 modules is allowed, however not within the same bank. If featured, Chipkill technology is supported with x4 modules only.

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