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Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Storage Solution Overview

Top Performance for OLTP Workloads

Online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads are generally composed of large numbers of fast, small transactions that require sub-second response times. The read/write ratios are often extremely favored for read input/output (I/O) functions. Understanding and managing storage I/O performance is crucial for OLTP workloads.

Data center solid-state drive (SSD) storage provides significantly improved I/O throughput and response times compared to their spinning disk counterparts. SSDs’ near-zero seek times and lack of rotational delay drastically reduce response times and latency. Kingston datacenter SSDs can sustain over 85,000 read IOPS1 each, serving over 550MB/second per disk, which translates to high-performance storage that can keep up with the demands of OLTP workloads.

Constant Performance

Kingston datacenter SSDs

OLTP workloads place sustained demands on the computing environment, which means you need constant performance to keep up. Standard spinning disk arrays can exhibit declining performance as disk consumption increases due to fragmentation and differences in access speeds to different areas of the disk platters. SSDs continuously perform better due to non-sequential read-write performance benefits over traditional spinning disks.

Unprecedented Resiliency

Top Performance for OLTP Workloads

Kingston datacenter SSDs provide excellent resiliency to protect sensitive data in OLTP workloads. Designed and engineered with built-in advanced error correction, Kingston datacenter SSDs have firmware-based power loss protection to protect against surprise power outages and factory-configured over-provisioning to extend the life of the SSD. These technologies ensure OLTP transactions are protected throughout the life cycle of the SSD.

  • Kingston datacenter SSDs provide worry-free performance for the most critical element in OLTP solutions
  • Extreme low-latency performance responds faster than any other storage serving OLTP workloads
  • Throughput performance in excess of 550MB/second per disk means solid-state arrays serve data faster than their spinning-disk counterparts
  • With sustained performance of over 85,000 (Steady state better for DC papers) IOPS and random read performance up 100,000 IOPS per disk, Kingston datacenter SSDs provide excellent performance for OLTP workloads
  • Built-in advanced error correction and end-to-end data path protection ensure data reliability
  • Firmware based power loss protection ensures successful recovery of the SSD after a sudden power loss condition
  • Solid-state storage provides the best performance option for OLTP workloads compared to spinning disk solutions
  • Enterprise-class reliability and support means Kingston stands behind your investment