Major Recent Example of an Unencrypted USB breach
Case in point, Heathrow Airport in London (October 30, 2017) uses Unencrypted USB Drives for its non-cloud storage. Unfortunately, they were not standardized on Encrypted USB drives. Their lack of implementing proper standards in data security / data loss protection with encrypted USB storage has now cost the EU a major breach of confidential and restricted information. 其他
《欧盟一般数据保护条例》 (EU GDPR)
您的企业是否为 GDPR 做好了准备?查看我们的信息图,了解关于 EU GDPR 的更多信息。 其他
Linus 引入了 DataTraveler 3.0
Linus 分解硬件加密,确保您的文件安全,特别是在您外出时。利用金士顿加密 USB 闪存盘,确保您的便携设备也安全并得到加密。 其他
固态硬盘测试 101

我们在每个生产阶段都对所有产品进行严格测试。这些测试确保在整个制造流程中控制品质。 其他
Three signs you need more memory in your computer
If your files don’t open immediately and programs are slow to load, you get an error message or are unable to load several programs at once, your computer may need more memory. 其他
Full Speed Ahead: RAM Upgrades
Learn what to look for when shopping for RAM, or Random Access Memory, including how to determine what type of memory and what capacities your motherboard can support. 其他
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