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Ultimate 266x (CF-U2)

CompactFlash Ultimate 266x - サポート


Depending on what the device supports, you may be running into a incompatibility related issue. To confirm, you should refer to your device’s user manual for assistance. Please see below for more details.

Card Type - With various card types available, it's important to make sure you are using one that is supported by your device. For example, some card types include: SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC. Although some devices may support all three card types, older devices may only support one or two. Please check your devices user manual to confirm which card types it supports.

Card Capacity - Along with card types, there is also card capacity. With card capacities ranging from less than 2GB up to 128TB and above, it is important to confirm which capacities are supported by the device in question.

File System - The File System can also cause support related symptoms. With the various card capacities comes different File Systems, such as FAT, NTFS, and exFAT to name a few. Please check your devices user manual to confirm which File Systems are supported. If your card is utilizing an unsupported File System, you may be able to resolve by reformatting the card with a compatible File System.

FAQ: KFC-012711-GEN-04



50X = 50(乗数) x 150KB/秒 = 7.5 MB/秒

* 1 KB = 1,000 バイト; 1 MB = 100万バイト。

FAQ: KFC-012611-GEN-05



FAQ: KFC-011911-GEN-01


フラッシュカードを使用する多くのデバイスは、FAT32 ファイルシステムのみを認識します。Windows は、容量が 32GB を越えるリムーバブル ストレージデバイスに対して、exFAT のファイルシステムを自動的にデフォルト設定します。FAT32 でフォーマットする選択肢は用意されていません。このフラッシュカードをドライブに挿入した場合、未フォーマットのカードと判断されます。一番良い方法は、そのフラッシュカードを主に使用するデバイス上でフォーマットすることです。

FAQ: KFC-070513-GEN-09


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