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在 Mac 上使用 USB 闪存盘

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在 Ubuntu Linux 中使用 USB 闪存盘

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在 Windows PC 上使用 USB 闪存盘


这在闪存中很常见,无论是内部固态硬盘还是外部 USB 存储,部分原因是闪存与旋转硬盘制造商计算兆字节的方式不同。硬盘制造商将兆字节(或 1000x1000 字节)计算为 1000KB,而基于闪存的存储的二进制计算为 1024KB。

示例:对于基于 1TB 闪存的存储设备,Windows 将计算其容量为 931.32GB。(1,000,000,000,000÷1,024÷1,024÷1,024=931.32GB)。

此外,Kingston 保留了一些列出的容量用于格式化和其他功能,例如固件和/或控制器特定信息,因此一些列出的容量不可用于数据存储。

FAQ: KDT-010611-GEN-06


Our flash drives are plug-n-play devices. Therefore, additional drivers are not required.

FAQ: KDT-110611-GEN-09


虽然可以从 DataTraveler 启动,但这并不是金士顿支持的功能。这些闪存盘原本是作为存储 设备来使用的。

FAQ: KTD-082913-GEN-27


In most cases, it is normal for an external USB device to get warm or hot to the touch since the exterior shell helps cool the internal components by emitting heat into the air.

Some of the factors of a USB external device getting warm or hot:

    • Material: Metal flash drives and readers tend to get warmer while in use than other types of USB flash devices. This is simply because metal absorbs heat much more easily than materials like plastic do.
    • Environmental Temperature: If the host device or surrounding temperature is high, the drive's cooling capability decreases. USB drives often become warmer when used in hot environments or with warm devices.
      • File Transfers: Transferring large files or a high volume of files can raise the drive's temperature. Large files take longer to transfer, requiring more energy, thus generating more heat. Quick consecutive file transfers have the same effect as transferring large files, increasing the drive's temperature. During data transfer, the drive heats up internally and releases heat through its casing.
    Note: None of the above listed factors impact the functionality of the USB device.

    After the data transfer is complete, wait 30-60 seconds before removing the USB device from the host machine. This should provide enough time for the temperature of the USB device to cool.

    FAQ: KTD-021211-GEN-01


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