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Depending on what the device supports, you may be running into a incompatibility related issue. To confirm, you should refer to your device’s user manual for assistance. Please see below for more details.

Card Type - With various card types available, it's important to make sure you are using one that is supported by your device. For example, some card types include: SDHC, SDXC, and SDUC. Although some devices may support all three card types, older devices may only support one or two. Please check your devices user manual to confirm which card types it supports.

Card Capacity - Along with card types, there is also card capacity. With card capacities ranging from less than 2GB up to 128TB and above, it is important to confirm which capacities are supported by the device in question.

File System - The File System can also cause support related symptoms. With the various card capacities comes different File Systems, such as FAT, NTFS, and exFAT to name a few. Please check your devices user manual to confirm which File Systems are supported. If your card is utilizing an unsupported File System, you may be able to resolve by reformatting the card with a compatible File System.

FAQ: KFC-012711-GEN-04



支持闪存卡的设备(如相机)大多有格式化实用工具。在使用该功能之前,请确保设备支持该闪存卡容量和类型。另请确保设备提供的格式(如 FAT32)选项与您可能计划配对闪存卡的其他设备兼容。要格式化该卡,请遵循设备用户手册中提供的格式化说明。

WINDOWS PC/笔记本电脑上的格式化
在 Windows 搜索窗口中输入 "This PC",然后按 Enter 键。找到并突出显示与含有闪存卡的读卡器对应的驱动器。然后用鼠标右键按一下该驱动器,并从弹出菜单中选择“格式化”以访问格式化实用工具。

选择与卡容量以及您计划配对闪存卡的设备相适合的文件系统。请注意,2GB 及以下(标准容量)应使用 FAT,4GB 至 32GB(高容量)通常使用 FAT32。如果容量为 64GB 及以上(扩展容量),我们建议使用 exFAT。做出此选择后,单击“格式化”完成格式化过程。

macOS PC/笔记本电脑上的格式化

如果您使用的是连接到 macOS 的读卡器,请打开“前往”菜单并双击“实用工具”(如果您没有看到“实用工具”,请双击“应用程序”,然后双击“实用工具”文件夹)。双击“磁盘工具”图标。在“磁盘工具”对话框中,选择闪存卡的活动分区。注意:将有两个卡列表,第一个是活动分区,第二个是宗卷标签。单击位于屏幕右边的“抹掉”选项卡。使用“宗卷格式”下拉列表,从列表中选择“MS-DOS 文件系统”。单击“抹掉”。

FAQ: KFC-012611-GEN-07


This is common for flash storage, whether internal SSD, Flash Card, or external USB storage, and is due in part to a variance in how flash memory vs spinning platter hard drive manufacturers calculate megabyte. Hard drive manufacturers calculate a megabyte (or 1,000x1,000 bytes) as 1,000KBs, whereas the binary calculation for flash-based storage is 1,024KBs.

Example: For a 1TB flash-based storage device, Windows will calculate it as having a capacity of 931.32GB. (1,000,000,000,000÷1,024÷1,024÷1,024=931.32GB).

Furthermore, Kingston reserves some of the listed capacity for formatting (e.g., File Allocation Table) and other functions such as firmware and/or controller-specific information, and thus some of the listed capacity is not available for data storage.

FAQ: KDT-010611-GEN-06


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