Kingston Is With You

Kingston Is With You

Our story began in 1987 when two engineers and friends, John Tu and David Sun, saw an opportunity in the technology space. 

During a severe shortage of surface mount memory chips, they designed a new type of memory module which fulfilled a demand for memory that would serve to redefine industry standards for years to come. What began as a garage start-up quickly grew into a technology powerhouse. While Kingston has long since outgrown that garage, the high standards of quality, reliability and customer service remain.

Today, Kingston is a leading global manufacturer of memory and storage solutions. Our customers include businesses of all sizes, tech consumers and a vast network of channel partners. We supply top tier data centers, cloud providers and PC manufacturers as well as companies developing the next trends in smart devices.

Our quality products and solutions are backed with unwavering service and support; standards our customers have come to depend on. The resourcefulness and flexibility that started Kingston continues to drive our business today.

Our Culture

Kingston Is With You represents our corporate culture and brand philosophy. Our hardware fuels the technology the world uses every day. From data centers and laptops to smart and wearable technology and IoT-based devices, Kingston products drive the technology used to live, work and play.

Our philosophy has been, if we take care of our employees and vendors, they will take care of our customers. This hasn't changed and we believe these values are the key to Kingston's success.

We believe the formula for business success is built around outstanding relationships as well as quality products. Our business is strengthened by long-term partnerships with suppliers, business partners, resellers and distributors. We strive to go above and beyond for corporate and consumer customers in service and support.

Kingston Is With You Every Step of the Way

Our People

Our people are at the heart of Kingston’s success. From the beginning, John and David focused on creating an environment where people could come together, work hard and have fun. They modeled the values of respect, fairness and flexibility as Kingston’s standards of conduct. As new employees and global offices join the Kingston family, our core values continue to be passed along:

As a group of passionate and experienced people, we genuinely care about our global community, our business, our partners and each other. We strive beyond our immediate duties to see the bigger picture, meet the needs of our customers and offer solutions that make a difference. This willingness to be accountable and adaptable is key to Kingston’s success in expanding our reach to partners and customers.