Tyan Computers - Transport VX50 (B4881)

configurator results memory

  • Standard

    0 MB (Removable)

  • Maximum

    24 GB using DDR400 with 4 CPUs (6GB per CPU)

    32 GB using DDR266/333 with 4 CPUs

    48 GB using DDR400 with 8 CPUs (6GB per CPU)

    64 GB using DDR266/333 with 8 CPUs

  • CPU 0

  • CPU 1

  • CPU 2

  • CPU 3

  • M4881 Riser Card

  • CPU1
  • CPU2
  • CPU3
  • Architecture du bus

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A


    SSD - SATA 3.5-inch

  • 16 Socket(s) with M4881 CPU Riser card = 32 Total

    4 Socket(s) per CPU

    16 Socket(s) Total or

    16 Socket(s) +

  • AMD Opteron AMD 8000 Series

B4881V50S4H-4P; B4881V50S4H-8P; B4881V50U4H-4P; B4881V50U4H-8P

Notes de configuration importantes

  • Only Opterons 246 and higher support DDR400 memory. Using DDR400, this system supports a maximum SIX ranks of memory per CPU. Six ranks is achieved with two Dual Rank DIMMs plus two Single Rank DIMMs.
  • MODULES MUST BE ORDERED AND INSTALLED IN PAIRS. Kingston offers "K2" kit part numbers for Dual Channel mode.
  • Mixing x4 and x8 modules is allowed, however not within the same bank. If featured, Chipkill technology is supported with x4 modules only.
  • KVR266X72RC25L/xxx parts are the same as the non "L" except they are low profile.
  • KRX3200K2/xx parts have a timing of 3-3-3 (AMD approved)
  • KRX3200AK2/xx parts have a timing of 2.5-3-3

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