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Kingston FURY Renegade SSD (SFYR)

Kingston FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD - Support


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PlayStation® 5에 NVMe M.2 SSD를 설치하는 방법

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M.2 SSD를 데스크탑 PC에 설치하는 방법

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M.2 SSD를 노트북에 설치하는 방법

FAQ(자주 묻는 질문)

If you choose to customize your Kingston Fury Renegade SSD drive with a 3rd party heatsink, Kingston recommends placing it atop the Graphene Aluminum Heat Spreader for best thermal performance.

FAQ: KSD-200100-FURY-001

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To determine which NVMe driver is in use, you can run the AS SSD benchmark tool and select your Kingston NVMe SSD from the drop-down menu. This will report the driver being used for that drive. If the driver is "iaStorAC" then your drive is using the Intel driver. If the driver is "stornvme" then your drive is using the Microsoft driver. Please note: Kingston's NVMe SSD drives are plug and play and therefore, we do not provide additional drivers.

FAQ: KSD-001525-001-00

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