A pen and notepad

21st Century Private Diary

Digital Diary is the Perfect Solution to Prying Eyes

Diary keepers around the world live in fear that a snooping sibling, peeping parent, spying spouse, or stealing stranger will find their treasured book and expose their inner-most private thoughts. Even the most secret of hiding places, built-in lock-and-key set, or writing in a unique homemade code can’t guarantee total privacy.

Until now!

It has taken the digital age to devise a means for preserving privacy of what’s written in a diary.

If there is a diary keeper on your holiday gift list – or if you’re one yourself – the privacy solution that has been a long time coming is finally here. Forget under the mattress or a shoebox hidden in the closet corner…

This is something a diary keeper can have in his or her possession 24/7, and nobody would ever realize. And if they forget it when they go out, there is a way they can still access their diary anytime, anywhere... in fact, you may already have it and not even realize it.

Kingston USB Flash Drive with password protection

The nearly-impenetrable new-age diary is a hardware-encrypted, password-protected USB flash drive with automatic USB-to-Cloud backup. So even if you don’t have the drive around, you can still make a diary entry on-the-go, all you need is an internet connection.

The double layer of security offers a safe, convenient way to guard those private writings. If your digital diary ever falls into the wrong hands, the would-be, nosey reader only has 10 attempts to get your password right. Automatic back up to Google Drive™, OneDrive (Microsoft®), Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, or Box ensures the diary contents are safe and easily accessible if the drive comes up missing.

Other features to keep it worry-free include:

  • Fast USB 3.0 interface
  • Both Windows and Mac compatibility for access to multiple systems
  • Easy setup and easy use with no application installation required
  • Durable metal casing to protect it from drops, bumps, and knocks
  • Built-in key loop aids in taking drive anywhere
  • Availability in multiple capacities
  • Extended warranty

If you’ve ditched the pen and paper, the digital diary is the safest way ever to keep your thoughts and memories totally private and away from prying eyes.