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IronKey Vault Privacy 50 (IKVP50)

Kingston IronKey Vault Privacy 50 Series - Support


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Using a USB Drive on a Mac

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Using a USB Drive on a Linux PC

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Kingston IronKey™ Vault Privacy 50 encrypted USB drive features walkthrough

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How to Setup the IronKey™ Vault Privacy 50

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Using a USB Drive on a Windows PC

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the link below to download the latest update for the Vault Privacy 50 secure USB drive.

Note: Please read the included updater instructions in its entirety prior to running the update.

Native Windows Update (Windows user):


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This is common for flash storage, whether internal SSD, Flash Card, or external USB storage, and is due in part to a variance in how flash memory vs spinning platter hard drive manufacturers calculate megabyte. Hard drive manufacturers calculate a megabyte (or 1,000x1,000 bytes) as 1,000KBs, whereas the binary calculation for flash-based storage is 1,024KBs.

Example: For a 1TB flash-based storage device, Windows will calculate it as having a capacity of 931.32GB. (1,000,000,000,000÷1,024÷1,024÷1,024=931.32GB).

Furthermore, Kingston reserves some of the listed capacity for formatting (e.g., File Allocation Table) and other functions such as firmware and/or controller-specific information, and thus some of the listed capacity is not available for data storage.

FAQ: KDT-010611-GEN-06

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This drive is designed to be 100% encrypted. The security is build into the drive and cannot be removed or disabled.

FAQ: KDT-012914-PRV-04

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By default, after the predefined max number of unsuccessful password attempts is reached, the drive will format and all data will be lost. Once the format is complete, data recovery is not possible. However, if you have not exhausted the max number of unsuccessful password attempts, you may consider contacting a professional data recovery company for assistance, such as DriveSavers Inc.
Please note: Kingston does not retain master passwords for encrypted USB drives. 

FAQ: KDT-111714-PRV-05

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