HP/HPE - Pavilion x360 14-dw1xxx / 14t-dw1xxx

configurator results memory

  • Standard

    4 GB (Removable)

    8 GB (Removable)

  • Maximum

    32 GB

  • 4GB Standard:

    4 Go
  • 8GB Standard:

    4 Go
    4 Go
  • or

    8 Go
  • Architecture du bus

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-A

    Flash - SDXC

    USB 2.0/3.x Type-C

    SSD M.2 NVME 2280 (single-sided)

  • 2 Socket(s)

  • Intel Core i3 1115G4

    Intel Core i5 1135G7

    Intel Core i7 1165G7

10M06UA; 10M06UAR; 10M07UA; 10M07UAR; 280D6EA; 2C5B0UA; 2C5B0UAR; 2D6Q9PA; 2D6T4PA; 2D6T6PA; 2D6Y8PA; 2E3D7PA; 2E3D8PA; 2E3G8PA; 2F8Q1PA; 2F8Q3PA; 2F8R4PA; 2F8R4PAR; 2F8R5PA; 2F8R5PAR; 2F9G4PA; 2F9G4PAR; 2F9K3PA; 2F9K3PAR; 2F9L5PA; 2F9L5PAR; 2F9Z6PA; 2H3L9PA; 2H3N6PA; 2H3N7PA; 2H3Q0PA; 2H4M6PA; 2H4M7PA; 2H4R0PA; 2L3N4PA; 2L3N5PA; 2N1J4PA; 2N1J5PA; 2N1J7PA; 2N1K1PA; 2N1K2PA; 2N1K3PA; 2P2U0PA; 2P2U1PA; 2P2U2PA; 2Q3Z4PA; 2Q3Z5PA; 2Q4E6PA; 2R0C9PA; 2R0D1PA; 2R2H3PA; 2R2H3PAR; 2R2H4PA; 2R2H4PAR; 2R2H5PA; 2R2H5PAR; 2R2H6PA; 2R2H6PAR; 2R2H7PA; 2R2H7PAR; 2R2H8PA; 2S7C3PA; 2S7C4PA; 2V2R8PA; 2V2R9PA; 2V2S0PA; 2V2S1PA; 2V2S3PA; 2V2S4PA; 2W4U2PA; 2W4U3PA; 2W4U4PA; 2W4U6PA; 2Y6T1PA; 2Y6T2PA; 2Y6T3PA; 2Y6T4PA; 2Y6T5PA; 2Y6T6PA; 31J27PA; 31J29PA; 31X00PA; 31X01PA; 31X02PA; 31X03PA; 31X05PA; 31X05PAR; 31X06PA; 320J2UA; 320J2UAR; 326C7PA; 326Q2PA; 326Q4PA; 333W4UA; 333W4UAR; 33K45UA; 33K45UAR; 33K75UA; 33K75UAR; 33Z39UA; 33Z39UAR; 34Y97UA; 34Y97UAR; 35F38PA; 35F40PA; 35K37PA; 35K40PA; 35K41PA; 35K42PA; 385H0PA; 393L8PA; 393L9PA; 39K89UA; 39K89UAR; 3E2P5PA; 3E2P6PA; 3K1Z9UA; 3K1Z9UAR; 3N9C6PA; 3N9V7PA; 3T0W3PA; 3V049PA; 3V273PA; 3X8X8PA; 3X8X8PAR; 3Y065PA; 3Y066PA; 3Z8D8PA; 424T5PA; 424T6PA; 425Q0PA; 425Q1PA; 425Q2PA; 425Q3PA; 42A83PA; 4T853UA; 4T853UAR; 4X572UA; 4X572UAR; 512F3UA; 512F3UAR; 54X37UA; 54X37UAR; 7Y982UA; 87F4

Notes de configuration importantes

  • Faster memory will clock down to run at optimal speed depending on processor model installed.

Mises à niveau compatibles pour votre système