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DataTraveler DTVP30 - Dukungan


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Penggunaan Drive USB pada Komputer Mac

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Penggunaan Drive USB dengan Linux Ubuntu

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Penggunaan Drive USB pada PC Windows

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We've seen this when security software blocks the users ability to write to CD/DVD's. Run gpedit.mscand go to Windows settings>security setting>local policies>security options and make sure Devices: Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only is set to disabled.

Also, too many entries for mounted devices in older computers can cause this problem. When all the entries cleared the drive should work again. To do this, go to start and type regedit in the search field. Make sure to back up your registry before making any changes. Here are instructions for backing up your registry.

In the directory list on the left side, find the entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices. Remove all entries except for default (it won't let you anyway).

You can also look at Device Manager when the Data Traveler is connected to see if the drive comes up with any yellow exclamation marks. Uninstalling the device with the exclamation mark and scanning for new hardware sometimes will work as well. You may want to try this even if you do not see any yellow exclamation marks for this device. You will need to run the uninstall as the Admin to be able to perform this while logged-in as a non-Admin.

Also check the setting for your security programs (Norton, Symantec, etc).

FAQ: KDT-121311-PRV-03

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Select the link below to download the latest update for the DTVP30 secure USB drive.
This update provides compatibility for macOS Big Sur.
Note: Please read the updater instructions in its entirety prior to running the update.

Native Windows Update (Windows user):
Native macOS Update (macOS User): 


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Hal ini umum terjadi pada penyimpanan flash, baik penyimpanan SSD internal atau USB eksternal, yang sebagiannya disebabkan oleh perbedaan dalam cara menghitung megabyte antara produsen memori flash vs produsen hard disk dengan piringan berputar. Produsen hard disk menghitung satu megabyte (atau 1.000x1.000 byte) sebagai 1.000KB, sedangkan perhitungan biner untuk penyimpanan berbasis flash adalah 1.024KB.

Contoh: Untuk perangkat penyimpanan berbasis flash 1TB, Windows akan menghitungnya sebagai berkapasitas 931,32GB. (÷1.024÷1.024÷1.024=931,32GB).

Selain itu, Kingston mencadangkan sebagian dari kapasitas yang tercantum untuk pemformatan dan fungsi lainnya seperti firmware dan/atau informasi khusus pengontrol sehingga sebagian dari kapasitas yang tercantum tidak tersedia untuk penyimpanan data.

FAQ: KDT-010611-GEN-06

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By default, after the predefined max number of unsuccessful password attempts is reached, the drive will format and all data will be lost. Once the format is complete, data recovery is not possible.

FAQ: KDT-111714-PRV-05

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This DataTraveler requires two consecutive drive letters AFTER the last physical disk that appears before the ‘gap’ in drive letter assignments (see figure below). This does NOT pertain to network shares because they are specific to user-profiles and not the system hardware profile itself, thus appearing available to the OS.

What this means is, Windows may assign the DataTraveler a drive letter that’s already in use by a network share or Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path, causing a drive letter conflict.If this happens, please consult your administrator or help desk department on changing drive letter assignments in Windows Disk Management (administrator privileges required.)

In this example, the DataTraveler uses drive F:, which is the first available drive letter after drive E: (the last physical disk before the drive letter gap.)Because letter G: is a network share and not part of the hardware profile, the DataTraveler may attempt to use it as its second drive letter, causing a conflict.

If there are no network shares on your system and the DataTraveler still won’t load, it is possible that a card reader, removable disk, or other previously-installed device is holding on to a drive-letter assignment and still causing a conflict.

Please note that Drive Letter Management, or DLM, has improved significantly in Windows XP SP3, Vista, and 7, so you may not come across this issue, but if you are unable to resolve the conflict, please contact Kingston’s Technical Support Department for further assistance.

FAQ: KDT-011411-PRV-02

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This drive is designed to be 100% encrypted. The security is build into the drive and cannot be removed or disabled.

FAQ: KDT-012914-PRV-04

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The problem may be due to the update deleting your user Temp folder. The drive uses this when running the security software.

To access the location of this folder, you must first un-hide all files and folders. To un-hide the files and folders, right click on the Start button and select File Explorer, click on File at the top then on Change Folder and Search Options. Click on the View tab and select Show Hidden Files and Folders.

Once un-hid, go to the C: drive>Users>Username (where username should be your name)>App Data. If there is no file called Temp, create a new folder and name it Temp. Once this is done, try your drive again.

FAQ: KDT-101515-PRV-08

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Although it is possible to boot from the DataTraveler, it is not a feature Kingston supports.These drives are intended as storage devices.

FAQ: KTD-082913-GEN-27

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J. Berhubung Windows tidak dapat memformat drive berkapasitas di atas 32GB dengan FAT32, perangkat lunak pihak ketiga harus digunakan. Walaupun kami tidak dapat membantu mendapatkan atau menggunakan perangkat lunak pihak ketiga untuk memformat drive sebagai FAT32, ada sejumlah aplikasi gratis yang dapat ditemukan melalui pencarian di Google atau Bing.

FAQ: KDT-010611-GEN-14

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