What is the difference between software and hardware-based encryption?

Depending on the application you may be surprised by what is involved in securing your data. Not all encryption is the same but understanding the true difference will play a key part in how effective and efficient your security policy is.

So, in summary, whilst software-based encryption does have its advantages, it may not match its perception as being comprehensive. Whereas, hardware-based encryption offers a more robust solution. Want to know the best solution for securing your data? Use both. Together.

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Kingston 可針對您目前使用、或打算使用的配置是否適合自己所屬的組織一事,為您提供適當的建議。

自行加密 SSD 固態硬碟

我們會提供下列事項的建議:SSD 固態硬碟可為您特定的儲存環境帶來什麼好處,以及哪種 SSD 固態硬碟最適合您的行動工作小組使用,以確保您在外出時也能安心工作。

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加密 USB 隨身碟

我們會提供下列事項的建議:加密 USB 隨身碟可為您的組織帶來什麼好處,以及哪種隨身碟最符合您的業務需求。

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