What is an Overclocking World Record?

Overclockers have used Kingston FURY and HyperX memory to break memory overclocking frequency speed world records, which are measured. Overclockers use benchmarking software, like BenchMate, to measure the RAM base clock frequency (in MHz) they were able to reach (doubling this number for DDR (Double Data Rate) gives you the effective data rate for the module in MT/s*). Then they submit to the overclocking record database website HWBOT to find where they sit in the rankings. Overclocking is a competitive activity done by individual enthusiasts and OC teams. Participants compete for bragging rights and also win prizes from HWBOT, which help promote overclocking as a type of sport. HWBOT is supported by many industry players, one notably being Intel. The competition is fierce, so one record is never held for very long.

About Kingston FURY Overclock Memory

OverclockingPC enthusiasts love overclocking as an art form and it has become its own subculture. The most intense overclockers will compete for world records by going to extreme lengths, like cooling their components with liquid nitrogen which can reach temperatures of -320° Fahrenheit. Word to the wise, do not try this at home. Like Kingston, most PC component manufacturers state that manual overclocking beyond factory specifications voids the warranty.

That said, we take pride in the records broken by extreme overclockers using our memory. Our engineers work continuously to improve higher-speed memory yields that bring faster solutions, push boundaries, and allow for performance records to be broken.

At Kingston, we work closely with our partners to ensure optimal compatibility. Our memory modules are Intel® XMP-ready and certified, and qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers so users can build and upgrade with confidence.

Here’s a look at several overclocking records earned over the years using Kingston memory. Of course, there are more records to come!

10004MT/s – April 26, 2022 16GB Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 4800MT/s
8670MT/s – November 4, 2021 16GB Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 4800MT/s
7200MT/s – April 23, 2021 8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 4600MT/s
7156MT/s – March 31, 2021 8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 4600MT/s
6608MT/s – June 12, 2020 8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 4600MT/s
5902MT/s – August 7, 2019 8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 3466MT/s
5608MT/s – January 22, 2019 8GB HyperX Predator DDR4 4266MT/s
4351MT/s – January 29, 2015 4GB HyperX Predator DDR4 3333MT/s

Overclocking pushes the stable industry standard specifications of memory (speed, latencies, voltage) to achieve higher performance. While generally safe and supported by Intel, AMD, and motherboard/system manufacturers, overclocking is done at your own risk. System stability may be compromised by some speeds and configurations. Some systems may require premium components (high-end processor models, motherboards, power supplies, and water cooling) to achieve stable overclocking, particularly at extreme speeds.

Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers

Qualified by the world’s leading motherboard manufacturers1

Tested and trusted for your preferred motherboard so you can build with confidence.

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