Kingston's PC Scanner analyzes your system's current memory and storage and offers compatible upgrade options to match your system's specifications. Max out recommendations for optimal performance, or find the perfect replacement.

Kingston PC Scanner does not install additional software on your computer or see personal data.

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System Requirements
Windows 10 or greater
File Size
Windows OS

- Click the "Download Now" button and choose "Save File" when prompted

- When the download completes, click on the file and select "Open" from the dropdown

- The scan will begin immediately

- Once the scan is completed, the scanner will take you to the results web page

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Kingston PC Scanner look at?

The Kingston PC Scanner does not access personal data or in any way breach your system’s security measures. It assesses system information stored in your PC’s BIOS and provides suggestions for Kingston products that can improve your system’s performance.

Can I use the Kingston PC Scanner for any other purpose?

No, that would contravene the Terms & Conditions you agree to by downloading the Kingston PC Scanner.

How do I remove the Kingston PC Scanner after I have used it?

Simply delete the KingstonPCScanner.exe file that you downloaded. No other actions are necessary.

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