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MediaRECOVER™ 4.0
MediaRECOVER™ 4.0 Digital Image Recovery and Data Recovery Software

Lost your vacation images? Can't access your home movies? Accidentally deleted or formatted the drive containing your tax files and spreadsheets? MediaRECOVER is your answer to get those files back.

MediaRECOVER™ is a complete digital image and file recovery utility. The program recovers your lost files including photos, audio, video, PDF's, Office Files, tax spreadsheets, etc. from hard drives and removable media used in digital cameras, PDA's and other storage devices


New MediaRECOVER™ Version 4.0 Features:
  • Multiple Recovery Methods
    Greatly improved partition and hard drive support. A new recovery method added for faster and more accurate recovery of hard drives.

  • Added Support for Digital Cameras
    Now supports the ability to preview and recover over 200 hig-end digital camera RAW file types.

  • Disk Management Tools
    Restore corrupted media cards and securely erase data forever.

Recovers over 250 file types:
  • Images - jpg, tif, png, gif, bmp, exif

  • RAW Image files- Canon crw, Casio cam, Fuji raf, Hasselblad, Kodak dcr, Leaf mos, Leica, Minolta mrw, Nikon nef, Olympus orf,
    Panasonic, Pentax pef, Phase ONE AS, Ricoh j6i, Sigma x3f, Sony srf, sr2, raw, dmg

  • Audio/Video clips - avi, mov, mpg, mpeg, aif, aiff, dvf, m4b, iso, asx, midi, rm, ra, 3gpp, 3gpp2

  • Email files - eml, nsf, url

  • Document files - doc, xls, hlp, lwp, rpt, wri, vss, vsd, vst, mbx

  • Archive files - bkf, jar, gz, gzip

  • Graphic files - emf, jp2, epx, dwg, ai, fh8-fh11

  • Database files - mdx, prm

Additional software by MediaRECOVER
    Includes the great features of standard MediaRECOVER plus addional support for recovery of lost files from CD and DVD media.

    Now supports the ability to preview and recover over 200 hig-end digital camera RAW file types.

  • Disk Management Tools
    Access corrupt CD and DVD discs, files and folders using DiscRECOVER. Easily restore files thought to be lost!

Please contact tech support if you are trying to recover data on a compact flash card.

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