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How a Tech Services Provider Built a Reputation for Reliability with Kingston Memory and SSDs


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South Seas Data is a Denver-based technology service provider. It provides support and asset management for computer hardware and Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment, including troubleshooting and repair.

South Seas Data provides hardware support in 140,000 locations across the United States, from grocery stores to gas stations with many of its clients being retailers and FinTech companies. The company prides itself on building components themselves to suit customers’ needs.

The Challenge

South Seas Data engineers and maintains such a broad range of custom hardware solutions for its clients therefore needing manufacturers with reliable components. High quality, durable components reduce downtime and add longevity to products. South Seas Data needed a responsive and supportive business partner, one that would be ready to fulfil supply requirements even in the face of unfortunate circumstances.

The Solution

Kingston and South Seas Data formed a partnership based not on creating the highest performance hardware, but workhorses: durable systems that can happily perform for upwards of 10 years. Kingston supplies South Seas Data with memory and SSDs, and South Seas Data holds a locked BOM (Bill of Materials) to ensure internal consistency and assure clients of their products’ reliability.


South Seas Data has found its relationship with Kingston to be critical in delivering consistent and trustworthy service, unbroken even during the COVID pandemic, a time when many other component suppliers suffered from severe supply chain and availability issues. The company puts great value on the quality of its relationship with Kingston, especially the customer support and the consistent quality of Kingston memory and storage.

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