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SSDs: The Changing Face of Data Storage

Storage Technology Over the Last Decade

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Today’s IT leaders are finding themselves at a crossroad when it comes to data storage, with many having an immediate focus on optimizing the value of their data as well as designing and implementing storage solutions that meet their data storage goals. Close to 95% of IT leaders* cite the need to manage unstructured data as an ongoing challenge for their business. When you throw in the pressure of increasingly demanding regulations coupled with sustainability goals, making the right decisions when it comes to storage has never been more important.

In this eBook, we’ll delve into the development of storage technology and how these global and market drivers have shaped the data storage industry – with key insights from some of the industry’s leading experts.

We’ll explore the impact of cultural attitude shifts along with the need for emerging technologies, highlight some real-world examples solved by contemporary storage solutions, share our thoughts on “what’s next,” and provide guidance on how you can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to increasing storage capabilities.

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Rafael Bloom

Rafael has spent his career in senior Technology Product, Marketing Communications, and Business Development roles. His advisory practice focuses on the new organizational, product, and communications challenges of technological and regulatory changes, with a central aim of building and preserving revenue streams. This highly diverse work involves subject matter expertise on information governance and compliance by design, data privacy, and emerging technologies such as AdTech, mobile & 5G, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Photo of Simon Besteman

Simon Besteman

Simon is the Managing Director of the Dutch Cloud Community, the Dutch coalition of hosting providers. As a leading representative of the industry, he is a frequent blogger on industry and policy matters, a keynote speaker at congresses and conferences, and a participant at Dutch government round tables on matters relating to telecommunications, data centers, and internet regulation. He sits on the boards of various industry groups, with a focus on education, employment, and governance.

Photo of Neil Cattermull

Neil Cattermull

Neil has over 35 years of experience working with technology across multiple sectors and brings a unique perspective on easily understood technical strategies to technical and non-technical audiences. Technology analyst and social media influencer across emerging technology sectors. Leading industry analyst across multiple business sectors, including cloud, blockchain, 5G, storage, and many others, as well as the CEO at the Future as a Service - enabling consumers of technology to make the right choice, one service at a time.


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