Kingston and Intel Certifications

Kingston® has enjoyed a solid working relationship with Intel® for several years and has worked with Intel's Platform Memory Operation since 1998 to help enable validation testing and production ramp-up for Intel's full spectrum of new memory technologies and chipsets. Download the PDF

Kingston ValueRAM Memory is Intel Tested

Many of Kingston’s ValueRAM® memory modules are tested to meet Intel’s memory module specifications for compatibility with Intel chipsets. These modules are posted to the memory technology tested list for OEMs on the Intel Developer Site. Kingston works with Intel to implement a process that also tests Kingston ValueRAM memory modules for compatibility with Intel Desktop and Server Boards. Results are posted to the board-specific tested memory lists on Intel's web site.

Kingston has always participated in Intel's memory validation programme and in May 2005 began shipping Intel-validated ValueRAM modules for Intel Server motherboards. Kingston identifies the validated modules with an Intel-specific part number.

Customers ordering the ValueRAM "I part” are assured of receiving the same part posted on Intel's memory validation list and also will receive the full benefit of Intel and Kingston's technical support.

Intel views memory's role in the server as crucial and began its memory validation programme in 1999. Memory suppliers wishing to validate their memory modules must submit them to Intel's validation lab to complete a suite of rigorous tests while undergoing changes in voltage and temperature. Upon passing all tests, Intel posts the validated part number along with details about the module including the specific DRAM used.

Intel's FULL Test Criteria

Memory modules passing Intel's FULL test criteria have passed electrical and functional testing across the full temperature and voltage specifications for the product. The testing of the memory modules may have been conducted by Intel or a third party.

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