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Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Solution Overview

More Flexible Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) leverages a software-based approach to manage data storage and provide policy-based control of data tiers, independent of the underlying storage hardware. Kingston datacenter SSDs add high-performance solid-state storage to your SDS solution without compromising resiliency or capacity. Whether leveraged as high-capacity storage or high-speed cache, Kingston datacenter SSDs add excellent performance and flexibility to your software-defined arrays.

The Right Drive for the Right Need

Kingston datacenter SSDs

Kingston datacenter SSDs are available in a variety of options to specifically serve your needs, providing ultimate flexibility for software-defined storage arrays. High capacity drives feature user-customizable over-provisioning and provide consistent application performance with low latency to support an array of needs. If performance and resiliency are top priorities, Kingston offers SSD options with extreme performance and superior data integrity for the most demanding workloads.

Superior Resiliency

Data center SSDs provide excellent resiliency to protect the data in your storage environment. Features such as advanced error correction and end-to-end data path protection ensure data is protected as it is written to the SSD, regardless of the software-defined solution you choose for your storage platform.

High-Capacity, Purpose-Built for Your Workloads

Software-Defined Storage (SDS)

Kingston datacenter SSDs are available in a range of capacities, from 400GB to 1.8TB (with larger capacities to be added) per SSD, all maintaining high IOPS for the most demanding workloads. Models are available in both performance- and read-optimized configurations and provide customizable over-provisioning to improve performance based on need. And all Kingston datacenter SSDs provide high sustained IOPS and low latency, so performance is never compromised at the cost of capacity.

  • Available in capacities from 400GB to 1.8TB (early 2017), Kingston datacenter SSDs have a drive to provide the perfect balance of capacity and performance
  • Superior resiliency ensures data is protected as it is written to the SSD
  • Drives are available in both performance-optimized and read-optimized models to provide the perfect match for your workload needs
  • Performance up to 100,000 IOPS per drive ensures your SDS platform is up to the most demanding tasks
  • Sub-400 microsecond latency means your SDS platform never has to wait for storage to be ready
  • User-configurable over-provisioning provides customizable performance for various workload needs
  • Up to 80% power reduction over spinning-disks means significantly less power and cooling requirements for high-performance SDS solutions
  • Enterprise-class reliability and support means Kingston stands behind your investment