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SSDs and Memory for System Builders

Small Form Factor PCs and Appliances

Kingston offers a full line of SSDs in a variety of form factors and capacities to meet the small footprint needs of SFF PCs and computer appliances.

Small Form Factor PCs (SFF PCs) are becoming increasingly popular and finding their way into a variety of applications such as home theatre systems, digital signage, desktop computing — and anywhere space is limited. SFF PCs are designed to put as many I/O devices on the motherboard as possible in order to save space typically consumed by bulky peripheral bays. SSDs are used in SFF PCs and appliances to increase system performance and improve system reliability over traditional mechanical hard drives.

Embedded Systems (Purpose-Built)

Kingston offers SSDs for small form factor embedded devices in a variety of capacities and models, including caseless PCB form factors such as Slim SATA and mSATA.

Embedded System designs are more compact and more powerful than ever and often located in remote, hard-to-service locations. Reliability and endurance are key design considerations. By using nonvolatile Flash storage as an alternative to spinning magnetic storage, Kingston solid-state drives help ensure that system data is reliable and continuously available all the time.

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