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Kingston / Ironkey Encrypted USB - Advantage Over BitLocker
Overall, Kingston / IronKey Encrypted USB Drives prove to be the best solution in reliability, compatibility and security for portable data protection solutions. More
Windows 10 Migration – Efficient Deployment Choices
Kingston’s Desktop/Notebook Memory and Business Solid-State Drives (SSD) are the perfect enterprise client combination for your Windows 10 migration and system update deployments. Now’s the time to upgrade, get the most out of Windows 10, and extend the life of your systems. More
HPC and Kingston: 30 Years of Cutting-Edge Technology
High-performance computing and Kingston have been pushing the envelope for over 3 decades. Relive some of the highlights in tech and Kingston history with this infographic. More
Major Recent Example of an Unencrypted USB breach
Case in point, Heathrow Airport in London (October 30, 2017) uses Unencrypted USB Drives for its non-cloud storage. Unfortunately, they were not standardized on Encrypted USB drives. Their lack of implementing proper standards in data security / data loss protection with encrypted USB storage has now cost the EU a major breach of confidential and restricted information. More
Protecting and Securing your Network, Data, Computers and Company.
The recent WannaCry ransomware made global headlines infecting and alerting everyone from government, healthcare, communication providers, automotive companies to corporations and the general public of their vulnerabilities. More
USB Alert: Locking Down Your Data
USB drives can turn up anywhere - putting data at risk. How can IT deal with these risks, without completely forbidding USB drive usage and all its convenience? More
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