Acronis® True Image for Kingston Download and Installation Instructions

Acronis® True Image for Kingston is an integrated software suite that allows you to back up your entire disk drive or selected partitions, clone your operating system, restore from data previously backed up and create bootable media from USB drives or CD/DVD discs.


  • Windows® 11, 10, and 8.1(admin rights required)
  • Kingston SSD
  • Internet access to download Kingston SSD Manager (KSM)


Download Kingston SSD Manager and follow the instructions to complete the install.

Run the KSM software and select the Acronis Tab.

Click on “Download for Windows”

NOTE: You must have a Kingston SSD installed in your PC to use the Acronis True Image for Kingston software. If you do not have a Kingston SSD present, you will see the Product Activation required screen

Installation Instructions

Locate your Acronis® True Image for Kingston software download and double-click the file to begin the installation.

Click Install to install the application.

Click Start application once the installation is complete.

Read through the License Agreement and accept it to proceed.

Quick Start

Once you have attached your Kingston SSD to your system you may begin the cloning process.

Step 1 – Start Application

Launch the Acronis® True Image for Kingston application, select Tools, then click Clone Disk.

Step 2 – Select Clone Method

Select the Automatic clone method and click Next.

Step 3 – Select Source Disk

Select the source disk that you wish to clone from and click Next.

Step 4 – Select Destination Disk

Select the destination disk that you wish to clone to and click Next.

Note: If your destination disk contains data, you may see a warning appear. Confirm that you’ve selected the proper source and destination drives, and continue only if you’re confident that you no longer need the data located on the destination disk.

Step 5 – Selecting the Cloning Method

Select from the required cloning method options. If you plan to replace the current operating system disk with a new disk, please select this option.

Step 6 – Summary

The summary screen will appear after cloning method is selected. Perform a final confirmation that you have selected the correct source and destination disks. You may also review the changes to the destination disk under Before and After. Click Proceed to begin the data transfer operation.

Step 7 – Data Transfer

A notification will appear letting you know the cloning process has started. Once the cloning process completes, close any open applications, and shutdown the computer when you are ready.

Step 8 – Cloning Complete

The cloning process is now complete. While the computer is shut down you may disconnect the source disk from your computer. Now turn on your computer and you will boot to your Kingston SSD.

Additional Information

For additional information related to the Acronis® True Image for Kingston software, please refer to the appropriate User Guide.

Acronis True Image for Kingston User Guide

Note for MAC and Linux Users

The Acronis® True Image for Kingston software is not compatible with Mac OS or Linux distributions.

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