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Robin Trygg Case Study


Robin Trygg is one of Sweden’s most well-known adventurers and was awarded the title “The Adventurer of the Year” in 2016. Robin became the youngest person in Sweden to climb Mount Everest in 2011, and today he is the only Swede who has climbed Mount Everest from both the south and the north side.

In 2015, Robin was preparing to climb Mount Everest when an earthquake killed around 9 000 people in the area. Instead of climbing Mount Everest, he travelled between the mountain villages that had been affected by the earthquake to offer his help. Robin travelled back to Mount Everest a year after the earthquake and during the expeditions in both 2015 and 2016, Robin and his team were equipped with memory cards from Kingston Technology. The material that was documented on the memory cards are currently in the process of becoming a professional video documentary.


Robin documented his adventure through film and photography, for not only his own memories but to help secure future funding too.

The importance of documentation brings the great challenge for the expedition team to be equipped with technology that functions despite of harsh winds, snowfalls and low temperatures. The weather conditions on Mount Everest are far from ideal surroundings for technical products, for example, the perceived temperature can be as low as -76°F (-60°C) at the peak. Therefore, the photographer of the expedition Peter Svensson was very concerned with finding memory cards that functioned in these types of surroundings.

Solutions and benefits

Kingston Technology had faith in the quality of their products and therefore decided to sponsor the expedition with several memory cards including Industrial Temperature (i-Temp) microSD cards that are suitable for harsh environments.

One of the cameras that was brought on the expedition broke down because of low temperatures but all the memory cards from Kingston remained intact.

“We used Kingston’s memory cards during the entire expedition on both Mount Everest and Mount Cho Oyu. All media content was successfully stored on the memory cards without any problems due to weather conditions. I can truly say that the Industrial Temperature technology really works.” says Robin Trygg. The photographer Peter expresses big relief that the memory cards functioned as desired and therefore made it possible to produce the video documentary that is planned for release at the end of 2017, he said:“The footage is highly valuable to us and it is solely stored on the memory cards during the expeditions since safety backup is not a possibility on that kind of height. We didn’t know if the material would be intact until we got back home so it was a big relief, to say the least, to find out that it was.”

Kingston sponsored the expedition with following products:

  • Industrial temperature microSD UHS-1 SDCIT
  • MicroSD Action Camera UHS-I U3 SDCAC
  • SSD Installation Kit

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