Clouds behind the San Francisco skyline at sunset

Photography in a Snapshot

Andrew Wille

Andrew Wille is an award-winning, Los Angeles based photographer and content creator best known for his urban, landscape and lifestyle photography. His striking style has led to working with industry leading brands and forming long-term ambassadorships. He also has a passion for teaching and has taught hundreds of photographers in both private/small groups and large workshops throughout the years.

Someone inserts a Kingston Canvas React Plus 256GB memory card into a camera

As humans, we're all drawn toward different things, and as photographers, that’s no different. While I love photographing everything and finding beauty in sometimes the most inconspicuous places, I quickly fell in love with the warm side of the color spectrum and found myself obsessing over golden light and shadows. Even a few seconds is all it takes for the light to completely change a scene, and capturing that perfect moment is often easier said than done. Through countless hours of practice, I learned the ins and outs of golden hour photography and editing. Eventually, I became known for my use of light within urban, landscape, and lifestyle photography.

As a professional photographer and content creator that’s usually juggling several projects at once, I’m always looking for opportunities to increase efficiency and streamline my workflow.

I’m currently using the Sony a7R III as my main camera body for the majority of my work. It’s an incredible camera that provides an impressive amount of data and detail with each image. With each uncompressed RAW image being 84MB, however, those extensive file sizes come at a cost and require fast, reliable data storage.

That’s where Kingston Technology has become an integral part of my camera bag and creative workflow. I almost never leave home without my camera, and packed inside are always two Kingston Canvas React Plus memory cards. No matter where my photography has taken me, from crazy adventures out in nature to just exploring my own neighborhood, I’ve relied on Kingston cards to capture my favorite memories and keep them safe. With hundreds of thousands of photos taken on these cards over the past couple of years, they’ve definitely earned my trust. Not only are they incredibly reliable, but with 300 MB/s read and 260 MB/s write speeds, they are FAST, ensuring I’ll never miss a shot waiting for things to buffer.

A Kingston Workflow Station with a card reader plugged in featuring two Kingston Canvas React Plus memory cards slotted in

I’ve always thought of camera gear as an extension of our own creativity, and Kingston embodies that perfectly. Memory cards are one of those products that you may not pay much attention to if they are working, but as soon as they don’t you notice immediately, and your creativity suffers as a result.

On long production days, I’ll often shoot thousands of photos taking up hundreds of GBs of data. Not having to pause mid-shoot to swap out memory cards has been such a game-changer. It allows me to stay behind the camera and capture the content that I need. After a long shoot day, the last thing I want to do is spend hours offloading and organizing files. That’s where Kingston’s Workflow Station comes into play. With this dock I’m able to simultaneously transfer photos, videos, and audio files from multiple sources directly onto my MacBook Pro. And with the ultra-fast read/write speeds of the Canvas React Plus cards, offloading files at home takes just a few minutes.

Kingston’s Canvas React Plus cards and Workflow Station have become an integral part of my creative workflow, and I can’t recommend them enough to anyone looking for fast, reliable gear.


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