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How Did Kingston SSDs Help DASH Pictures Transform On-location and Post-production Workflows?

Overcoming Media Production Challenges

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For media productions large and small—managing workflows throughout the process is key! And when it comes to storage, its data transfer speed can make a huge difference in the logistics of a production and keeping to tight schedules.

Three-time Emmy-nominated film and television production company DASH Pictures were experiencing the first-hand impacts of slow HDD storage. Shooting documentary-style content with multiple cameras in remote locations without internet—or even power—left them with an overwhelming amount of data at the end of a day.

The physical limitations of spinning drives required the team to run an overnight shift to transfer and back up data all night to be ready to continue shooting the next day. Storage was a further bottleneck when it came to post-production. The slow data transfer speeds of HDDs severely hindered their workflow, leading to frustrating delays in the editing, color grading, and visual effects processes.

Given these challenges when shooting the first season of Fantastic Friends—their latest travel show with “Weasley twins” James and Oliver Phelps—it was important that they solve these when it came to season two.

They worked with Kingston on a solution that empowers both their on-location and post-production processes with fast SSD storage, transforming the production experience. As a result, it has allowed DASH Pictures to be more agile, do more with less, and grow as an organization.

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