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Enhancing Smart Security: Revolutionizing Spain’s Railway Security with Azken and Kingston

About Azken Muga

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Azken Muga was founded in 1996 with the slogan of always being at the limit of technological advances. This is clear from its name, which in Basque means "last frontier" or "last limit." Since its foundation, Azken has been offering hardware solutions for the professional sectors of design, engineering, architecture, digital content creation, advanced visualization, and high-performance computing, from desktop computers to large supercomputers, becoming a leading solutions provider across Europe.

With almost 30 years of experience and specialization in the sector, Azken excels in technology related to visualization and advanced computing systems that strike the optimal relationship between price, performance, and application.


Video surveillance and smart security solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing safety and efficiency at transportation stations. These technologies provide real-time monitoring, threat detection, and incident prevention. With the integration of advanced features like facial recognition, license plate recognition, and AI-powered analytics, transportation hubs can identify and respond to security threats rapidly. The use of high-quality cameras, robust storage systems, and dependable networking infrastructure ensures that crucial video data is captured and accessible when needed. Smart security solutions not only safeguard passengers and assets but also optimize operations, making stations more secure, responsive, and resilient in the face of evolving security challenges.


When it comes to video surveillance solutions, reliability, compatibility, flexibility, and performance are paramount. When Azken Muga embarked on the mission to develop an advanced security solution known as the "Renfe Smart Security Station" for Renfe, a transport operator for domestic and international rail passengers, they required a trustworthy partner capable of providing the critical components needed for this innovative project.

The primary challenge Azken Muga faced was the development of a security solution that could meet the stringent video surveillance requirements set by Renfe, Spain's national railway company. This involved creating a solution that was not only reliable but also capable of delivering optimal performance while seamlessly integrating with their existing systems.


2 Kingston DDR5 ValueRAM modules plugged into a PC motherboard

In response to this complex challenge, Azken Muga turned to Kingston's DRAM memory to empower their CCTV AI computers within the Renfe Smart Security Station. The decision to collaborate with Kingston was rooted in their proven track record of success and the unwavering confidence Azken Muga had in the quality of Kingston products.

Azken Muga recognized the importance of a strong partnership in achieving their ambitious goals. Their collaboration with Kingston, a long-standing and trusted partner, had already proven successful in past ventures. This history of accomplishments combined with Kingston's products and capabilities, making it the natural choice for this innovative undertaking.


The partnership with Kingston yielded remarkable results that exceeded expectations. The security station, enabled by Kingston DRAM, not only met Renfe's rigorous requirements but surpassed them. Its unwavering reliability and impressive performance demonstrated the undeniable value of Kingston components in this pivotal project. The Renfe Smart Security Station became a beacon of excellence in the world of video surveillance solutions.


Azken Muga has discovered a reliable and innovative partner in Kingston. The resounding success of the Renfe Smart Security Station project has solidified their ongoing collaboration. United by a shared commitment to achieving future goals, Azken Muga continues to turn to Kingston for solutions and exceptional support. Together, they remain at the forefront of innovation in the security industry, ensuring safety and security for clients and customers alike. The future looks bright as this dynamic partnership continues to evolve and tackle new challenges in the ever-changing landscape of security technology.

We have chosen Kingston as our partner because of the trust of many years working together and because they have always offered us the best service and helped us to develop all our projects.
Mr. Martínez - Sales Manager, Azken Muga


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