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Kingston Memory and SSD Meet Integrator APLIGO GmbH's Strict Requirements

The Challenge

Large-volume customer orders challenged APLIGO GmbH to find a suitable memory and SSD supplier that could offer the value, reliability, performance, and support they needed when deploying integrated systems on a large scale. They needed to provide PCs that could cope with the load from demanding tasks, such as video conferencing, without the user experience suffering due to a lack of memory or poor storage performance.

The Solution

APLIGO GmbH chose Kingston memory and SSDs for their large integration projects, citing how Kingston’s 35 years in the industry had led to its reputation for high-quality manufacturing processes, extreme performance, reliability, direct personal support, and an excellent price-to-performance ratio that made it the best fit for these large projects.

Kingston was able to provide both SATA and M.2 NVMe SSDs that fitted APLIGO’s requirements, quickly putting the company technicians in direct contact with Kingston through the Ask an Expert service.

With Kingston on board, APLIGO could then meet the volume demands of its customers, with PCs designed to cope with the demanding tasks of modern computing environments that could fit within project budgets.

Discover how APLIGO were able to meet their product’s storage and memory demands by working with Kingston.

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