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Top 6 Reasons to Upgrade to an NVMe SSD

Is it worth upgrading to an NVMe SSD?

Short answer: yes, it is! NVMe SSDs installed in a compatible device provide significant speed improvements over SATA SSDs and can improve the overall performance of your PC. Upgrading your PC or laptop rather than replacing it can breathe new life into your machine at a fraction of the cost. Why not start by upgrading to an NVMe drive? NVMe drives are quickly becoming the new standard for the highest possible data transfer rates.

If you’re still catching up on the SSD differences, our articles NVMe vs SATA: What is the difference? and 2 Types of M.2 SSDs: SATA and NVMe are good explainers. Otherwise, let’s get straight into our top 6 reasons to upgrade to an NVMe SSD.

1. Increased speed
Compared to HDDs (hard disk drives), SSDs (solid-state drives) are already in another league for read and write speeds. But they get even faster when using an NVMe interface. High-end NVMe SSDs, like Kingston's KC3000 SSD, are capable of around 7,000MB/s, which is as much as twelve times faster than a SATA-based equivalent. The increased read and write speeds of an NVMe drive will benefit your PC by improving file and start-up loading times.

2. Improved performance
NVMe SSDs enable twenty-five times more data to be transferred compared to SATA drives. Upgrading to an NVMe drive will remove any storage bottlenecks and improve your PC’s overall workflow.

3. Superior power efficiency
NVMe SSDs have low power consumption in standby mode, which provides more energy-efficient performance.

4. Advanced compatibility
You won’t need to worry about compatibility, as NVMe SSDs work with all major operating systems and systems released after 2015 by communicating directly with the CPU via the PCIe bus. Most NVMe SSDs also use the M.2 form factor, making them compatible with laptops and mini-PCs.

5. Gaming benefits
Your gaming PC will also see the benefits of upgrading to an NVMe SSD. You will notice faster game booting and loading times and reduced installation times. Additionally, the NVMe technology will handle the increased frame rates of the biggest and latest games. With the introduction of Microsoft DirectStorage and its broader implementation in upcoming games, NVMe becomes a must-have asset for gaming. Read more about the benefits of SSD for gaming.

6. PS5™ ready
If you don’t have a PC, all the above reasons are still valid for upgrading your PS5 storage. Upgrade to the Kingston FURY™ Renegade SSD with heatsink model and get more storage for all your PS5 games. And here is how you can install an NVMe SSD into your PlayStation®5.

What are you waiting for?

Upgrading rather than replacing your SSD is a great way to increase the overall performance of your PC. You could even use the old SSD as an external storage drive to get the most out of your hardware. Curious? We walk you through it in our article How to use your old SSD as an external storage drive.

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