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2 engineers in the office checking a motherboard with a magnifier on a monitor with Kingston memory installed

How Kingston is powering WolfVision’s hybrid world of in-person and virtual meetings


aerial view the WolfVision factory

WolfVision is a leading global developer and manufacturer of award-winning presentation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing systems and solutions. WolfVision’s Visualizer document camera and Cynap Systems are used worldwide, by universities and other educational institutions, in corporate meeting spaces during presentations, meetings, web conferences, training sessions, demonstrations, and used in courtrooms for viewing and management of judicial evidence.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has seen a dramatic shift towards hybrid working and learning, with its Visualizer and Cynap in great demand, helping organisations to ensure that visual communication is always at its best, whether conducted in-person, remotely (also known as virtual), or a combination of both.

The challenge

WolfVision was looking for a reliable technology partner, with the knowledge and technical capability of products, combined with the reliability of supply. As such, they were not only looking for a supplier, but a business partner with whom they could build a long-term relationship, based on trust and expertise.

The solution

We offered a full technical evaluation based on WolfVisions’ current hardware using our free Ask an Expert service. We then sent proof-of-concept Industrial SSD, memory and flash cards to allow them to test in their specific knowledge-sharing products. Our embedded storage solutions were compatible with all their Visualizer and Cynap products, and now they are being built in and are performing well.

WolfVision selected Kingston based on technical ability, product quality, consistency and reliability, together with the outstanding personalised contact, advice and service. This, plus our ability to deliver a high level of flexibility, has enabled us to ensure an uninterrupted supply of Industrial SSD and Design-In DRAM products for WolfVision systems.


We are delighted that WolfVision views Kingston as a trusted partner and is enjoying our benefits such as our engineering support, controlled BOM (bill of material) controlled firmware, as well as product change notifications (PCN). WolfVision place excellent value on the strong working relationship that exists between the two companies - both working to be the best, providing high-performance solutions to their customers, today and for the future.

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