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Software Encryption and Regulatory Compliance

Less Expensive Solution with Major Security Risks

Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Data Security used to be relegated to IT departments only, but due to continuous consumer data breaches, governments worldwide have imposed more and more requirements on businesses to encrypt and protect all data that is personally identifiable.

From HIPAA in healthcare, to GDPR in EMEA and CCPA in California, encryption of protected data classes is being mandated through regulations. Compliance organizations have multiplied exponentially over the last 3+ years as these regulations and their associated fines and legal award risks have skyrocketed.

With these changes, IT departments have struggled to keep up with security and rising costs. Throughout the COVID pandemic, budgets are being spent on additional hardware and firewall investments, at the expense of a focus on data encryption.

In fact, software encryption using Microsoft BitLocker® or endpoint management software from companies like Symantec, McAfee and others is on the rise. Some businesses and consumers also utilize standard USB drives with software “vault” drives as provided by some vendors.

In this technical brief we discuss software encryption, regulatory compliance and what you should know about this less expensive solution with major security risks.

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