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PC or Console? What’s Your Preference?

For gaming aficionados, the question, "PC or console?" is sure to raise some arm hairs. There are strong feelings on both sides of the issue. Each can make legitimate cases. And what exactly is the question referring to? Costs, performance, graphics, upgradeability, ease of setup, access to exclusive titles, or something else?

So, my gamer friends, before you give your pre-determined answer, let's review the pluses of each, then assume one's plus is the other's minus. Drum roll, please. Ladies and gentlemen, Kingston asks, "PC vs. Console, which is better?"

PC advantages

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Unbelievable graphics

One way to end this part of the debate quickly is just by mouthing the words: NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. New versions are released annually, as are new/updated PC processors, allowing graphics to improve seemingly on a yearly basis. Conversely, consoles are pretty much a closed system. What you purchase is what you play with until an upgraded version is available, which can take up to seven years.


It may sound harsh to use these terms, but in the gaming world, PCs are dynamic, and consoles are static. At least concerning the ability to upgrade. As we mentioned, graphic cards (GPUs) are continually advancing. Likewise, RAM requirements for the latest high-end games are on the rise. While a vast majority of games today require 4GB or 8GB of RAM, newer games ask for 16GB or 32GB to ensure an outstanding experience. Also, PC gamers can change a Hard Disk Drive or smaller size Solid State Drive to a larger capacity SSD, which provides greater storage capacity, speed, and durability while reducing power usage. GPUs, RAM, and SSDs are all easy to install.


Modding allows gamers to 'modify' games by adding more content to change/update their older games into new challenges. Gamers can do the modding themselves or download someone else's mods. The ability to perform modding, however, must be built into the program by the game's developer(s). Mostly, it is a given that it will be included in PC games. While modding a console game is possible sometimes, it can be difficult, tedious, and even frowned upon (read: illegal) by the console maker.

Games cost less

PC games are easily accessible in, of all places, a PC. Who knew? There are many online sites selling/renting titles. Downloading is fast, titles are plentiful, and online sites are as ubiquitous as Starbucks locations in the real world. And they love price competition!

Backward compatibility

While newer consoles are more amenable to backward compatibility than previous machines have been, there are still limits. No console can play the entirety of its company’s back catalog. PCs, however, can play just about every game ever released for a PC with the right tools and drivers installed.

Console advantages

A PS5’s case is open, displaying a Kingston FURY Renegade M.2 SSD is installed in the storage slot.
Easy to use, easy to set up

Take it out of the box, set it up, and play. All within a few minutes' time. Nothing to assemble or connect. No need to fret about incompatible components. No special skills or knowledge is needed. The technology you can love.

Hardware upgrades not needed

Console owners get the best of both worlds: their machines are ready to play out of the box with no need of upgrades, but they can also benefit from the extra storage and speed a high-spec SSD like the Kingston FURY Renegade offers for PS5 owners.

Wireless controllers

PC games often keep players fairly immobile. Many console units can be enjoyed using wireless controllers, which allow players to keep moving and feeling more involved.


Often a contentious point between avid users of each method, from our viewpoint, consoles are the more affordable choice, both at purchase and over time. Don't forget, consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation brought gaming to the masses, and their popularity was based on lower cost and convenience.

Games are always playable

When you buy a game for your PlayStation or Xbox, you can be confident that you can play that game without needing to pick up a new graphics card or more RAM. Though in the last two generations, consoles have varied in terms of their storage capacity, this only superficially affects the capacity of a console to play the game.

Toss up

Exclusive games

This area is a push, as both offer exclusive titles. In fact, first-party developers (i.e., Sony and Nintendo) take that a step further and offer games designed specifically for their respective console brands. Mario and Nintendo are inextricably linked, of course, but did you know that Nathan Drake, Kratos, Crash Bandicoot, and Spyro the Dragon are all PlayStation-exclusive IPs? Many developers also make games solely for PC use, including highly popular MMOs and MOBAs.

Two people on a couch hold PlayStation controllers, focused on their game. Two people are behind them, spectating and supporting.

So, the next time someone asks you, "PC or console?" what is your answer going to be? Our guess is the same as it would have been before you ever read this. However, in case you didn't have a favorite; hopefully, this will give you a little insight as to which you would prefer. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you have fun gaming, something eminently available to consoles and PCs both.


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