Kingston’s Canvas Go! Plus microSD in a Steam Deck console’s card slot

Additional Storage for Your Valve Steam Deck

When you think of PC gaming, you think of Steam; the platform is synonymous with gamers. The Steam platform hosts thousands of games and masses of downloadable content, but now Valve, Steam’s developer, has taken gaming to the next level, with the launch of its highly anticipated Steam Deck, the handheld gaming device that lets you play high-resolution games from your Steam library on the go. But what about storage?

The Steam Deck itself has a good amount of storage options available, starting from the 64GB to the 512GB model. Each upgrade does have its own extras, but with this there is also an increased cost.

What can you do to increase the storage on your Steam Deck?

A hand installing Canvas Go! Plus microSD into the Steam Deck microSD slot

As Steam games will be downloaded from your user library, they will tend to take up masses of storage on the system’s SSD compared to a disc-based console. However, all models include a microSD slot for additional storage capacity, which is great to have the flexibility to increase the space on your console.

How much storage will you need?

This will all depend on what model you decide to purchase and the size of games you wish to download. Kingston’s microSD cards come in a range of capacities, from the smaller 16GB going up to 512GB. Putting that into context with the Steam Deck: the bigger the better, right?

Although memory size is important, there are a handful of other variables that you should keep in mind when deciding what microSD to purchase for your Steam Deck:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Swift transfer speeds for faster loading times
  • High endurance
  • Durability
  • Free technical support

Kingston offers microSD cards that are a great option for your Steam Deck. For example, the Canvas Go! Plus microSD card boasts read speeds of 170MB/s and write speeds of 90MB/s* with capacities up to 512GB**, making it an excellent choice for downloading masses of content and games onto your device.

Kingston microSD cards are compatible with Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and other gaming devices, mobiles, and tablets with a microSD slot. The lifetime warranty and free technical support will assist you for years to come and, with a range of capacities to suit all your storage requirements, you won't need to worry while gaming.


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