Don't let your data be a soft target.

Only hardware encryption gives your data the defense it deserves. Fortunately, the on-the-go secure storage solutions by Kingston IronKey™ don’t have any soft edges.

Non-Encrypted Drives

When data is taken outside of the office, your existing cybersecurity and data loss prevention policies can no longer keep you safe, making your data a soft target. Luckily IronKey drives provide on-the-go file storage with the ultimate portable security strategy.

Software Encrypted Drives

The hard truth is that software-based encryption isn't enough. While it has its advantages, it may not match its perception as being comprehensive. It is only as secure as the device it is used on. Whereas hardware-based encryption offers a more robust solution. So, if you’re only software-secure, it’s time to harden defenses.

Cloud Storage

The cloud is not under your control. With unlimited password attempts, your files can continuously get attacked. Fortunately, IronKey devices meet the toughest security and compliance standards.

Give your data a HARD defense.

Family image of Kingston IronKey devices including encrypted USB drives and SSDs
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Planning the right solution requires an understanding of your project's security goals. Let Kingston's experts guide you on how to best defend your sensitive data.

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Why choose IronKey

Why choose Kingston IronKey™?

With the power and pedigree of Kingston Technology forged into every product, trust that your data is truly secure when it’s secured by IronKey.

Hardware-Encrypted Storage Options for Data Protection

Safeguard important data with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, FIPS 197 certified and XTS-AES 256-bit encryption capable devices. Additionally, there are built-in protections against BadUSB and Brute Force attacks.

Multi-Password Option for Data Recovery

Enable Admin, User, and One-Time Recovery passwords. Admin can reset a User password and create a One-Time recovery password to restore User’s access to data. Brute Force attack protection locks out User or One-Time Recovery passwords upon 10 invalid passwords entered in a row, and crypto-erases the drive if the Admin password is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row.

Passphrase Mode

Select between Complex or Passphrase password mode. Passphrases can be a numeric PIN, sentence with space characters, list of words, or even lyrics – from 10 to 64 characters long.

Dual Read-Only (Write-Protect) Settings

Avoid malware attacks with a forced Read-Only mode set by Admin for User, or a session based Read-Only mode set by Admin or User.

Easily Manage Thousands of Drives for Enterprise Deployment

Centrally administer access and usage policies for enterprise model versions of select drives.

Locally Manage Drives for Small and Medium Businesses

Use Admin role to locally manage employee User and One-Time Recovery passwords, recover data access on locked drives, and comply with laws and regulations when forensics are required.

IronKey Origins

IronKey Inc. was an internet security and data privacy company established in 1996. IronKey was infused by a grant by the Department of Homeland Security in 2004 to develop a secure, tamper-resistant USB Flash drive, primarily for use by the US government and military. The IronKey brand soon grew quickly as the need for secure portable devices became evident: the biggest security threat to corporate and government users was the frequent loss or theft of data stored on USB drives.

In 2016, Kingston Technology, which had been manufacturing and delivering hardware-encrypted products since 2007, purchased IronKey. “Kingston IronKey” was born - and became the largest, best-known maker of hardware-encrypted USB drives in the world.

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Think hard about data security
Think hard about data security.

Software encryption is removable. Cloud isn’t under your control.
Only hardware encryption is the worthy defense for your data on-the-go.

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