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a server engineer installing Kingston DC SSD into the server array

SDS vs hardware RAID vs software RAID: What is the future?

Comparing SDS with RAID

A group shot of the Kingston data center SSDs line-up

Over the past decade, Software Defined Storage (SDS) has come to the fore, allowing organisations to flexibly manage their server storage environments.

Combined with the sustained growth of SATA based SSDs, and the more recent explosion in speeds available through NVMe SSDs, does this mark the end for software and hardware RAID?

Not really. With the advancing speeds that come with NVMe SSDs, we are now in a position where there is true choice, with software and hardware RAID solutions that are optimised for the bandwidth that the PCIe bus offers.

For hardware RAID adapters specifically – Tri-mode is now a reality – not only taking advantage of the connectivity and performance gains that come with NVMe, but supporting connectivity of SATA and SAS drives.

Great, we have choice! But what do I choose?

For those looking to optimise their server storage environments – making the right choice is important. This is why our whitepaper is a must-read! It explores the merits of SDS, software and hardware RAID, how they co-exist, and what you should consider based on your needs, both today and tomorrow.

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