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Helping Rapid On-Premises Application Growth with Kingston Memory and SSD Solutions

The Challenge

With more than 100,000 customers, Hosteur has seen the demand for hosting services grow significantly in recent years. This increase in demand translates into a large requirement for RAM and storage to ensure that they can meet their customer’s needs. Hosteur was facing the challenge of having to implement new servers quickly in response to demand, supply large capacities of DRAM, and ensure good MTBF to all their customers.

The solution? Supporting their rapid growth & SLAs with Kingston Enterprise products & services

To support the growth and demand from their ever-growing customer base, Hosteur looked to Kingston as a trusted partner, a reliable brand with great support through our Ask an Expert service and dedicated account manager. Hosteur decided to trial and test some data center SSDs in their servers that were supplied as evaluation units, free of charge. Hosteur wanted to see how Kingston Enterprise SSDs could increase storage, performance, and minimize downtime to provide their customers with best-in-class service.

Discover how Hosteur managed the growth of the customer base and best-in-class service by using Kingston Enterprise products and services.

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Ask an Expert

Kingston can offer you an independent opinion on whether the configuration you’re currently using, or planning to use is right for your organisation.

Enterprise SSD

We offer advice on what benefits Enterprise SSDs will bring to your specific storage environment and which SSD is most suitable for your workloads requiring a balance of high random read-and-write IOPS performance.

Ask an SSD Expert

Server Memory

We offer advice on what benefits are of configuring your server for optimal performance & capacity. Kingston’s configuration experts have the knowledge and resources to support your memory upgrade needs.

Ask a Memory Expert

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